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27/03/13: Olive Oil and Brown Sugar (5 Minute Facial)

So as I was using my Tea Tree water to remove make up last night, I noticed that my skin was really flaky on the nose and forehead.  Icky.  I had a little mooch around the internet, and amongst the oats, yoghurt and honey (mmm, porridge!) there was a little recipe using some of  the items I actually had in my cupboard.  (I am not patient - I wanted to mask it up now!!)  The ingredients were simply olive oil and brown sugar, with optional essences.

I used this Olive Oil from Eleon - amazing unfiltered extra virgin from Greece.  It's actually tasty enough to try on its own, as opposed to most cheap olive oils which (in my opinion) taste nasty and I love the greenness of it.  Anyway, I don't mind eating it so I figured I wouldn't mind it on my face either.

I used:
1 x Teaspoon of Olive Oil
1 x Teaspoon of brown sugar in a cup

I then gently applied the mixture to my face, being careful to not over-rub, as just applying it to the face gives you the scrub effect.  It feels really nice on application and there's a sweet smell from the brown sugar.  I applied it, left it a minute and then washed it off.  Obviously, a lot of the oil stayed behind!

A strange thing was that I thought I'd cleansed my face beforehand, but when I used my Tree Water/cotton pad after just to remove some of the excess Oil... more makeup residue appeared.  Whether I missed it first go or whether the scrub brought some of it out, I'm not sure.

The other thing was that my pores (nose) looked dirty.  Presumably the brown sugar?  Not sure how that happened.

However, my skin felt lovely.  Really soft and smooth.  And the flaky bits were less, and the dry bits looked better.  Plus, even with just a teaspoon of each there was still enough left over to treat my hands with too.  Lovely.


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