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27/04/13: BDellium Powder Blending Brush

Bdellium Tools - silent B - produce make up brushes.  I had just ordered some samples from the Lily Lolo site (see here for swatches) and realised that the only thing I could apply it with when it arrived would be an old bronzer brush.  I used the bronzer brush + elastic band combo for a few days, then decided to investigate something a little more... user friendly.

Enter, Bdellium tools!

I first saw these on CutECOsmetics before I had any need to purchase them.  They come in three great colours, green bambu, yellow bambu and their newest edition pink bambu.  I don't think the full line is available in each yet, but all three lines carried the brushes that I was interested in.

BDelliums own website very nicely tells you what each brush is for, but there are some overlaps - and for the make-up brush novice like myself, trying to work out what a duet finishing brush did was a little bit overwhelming.

The three brushes I narrowed it down to were:

959: Powder blending - creates soft layers or adds texture
995: Kabuki - Full coverage application
980: Powder - Applying loose or pressed powder on the face or body

Not wanting to make the wrong choice I decided to ask them for their opinion.  I just wanted one brush that would apply my mineral foundation evenly across my face.  I posted on their FB site and their recommendation was this:  the 959 Powder Blending brush.  They were really friendly, quick to respond and very helpful.  Plus this brush was cheaper than the kabuki brush I had been leaning towards.  Yay. :)

Packaging/Product ingredients:

BDellium Bambu ranges are are cruelty free: the handle is made out of sustainable bamboo and the brush head is completely synthetic, no animal hairs at all.  This is one of the main reasons I was drawn to them, along with the awesome colour.  (Note that the handle is a really green green, whereas the brush is actually a sort of turquoise.  I quite like the clash, but I know some reviewers would prefer them to match.)

One of the first things I was keen to find out before even using it to apply any kind of make up was if the brush was as soft as other reviewers had said it would be.  Some people apparently insist that synthetic hairs just don't match up to animal hairs.  BDellium users insist that that's not true.  

And they weren't wrong.  This brush is like... hmm.  Like those really soft cuddly toys you can get that you just want to keep stroking against your face.  Or those fluffly fleece blankets.  Or gorgeous puffy chinchillas.  Luckily, with the bdellium brush, you don't look quite so crazy swiping it across your cheek as you would with those -  I can't overstate how pleasant this brush is to use on your face - it's really nice. 


So since taking the photos above, I've been using this brush for about three weeks and have no real complaints but, although it hasn't shed, as you can hopefully see in the photo below there are a couple of hairs that seem to have become detached from the ferrule and stick out.

It doesn't affect the usage and they haven't become completely detached so as to be left on my face whilst using the brush but I'll be watching closely to see whether they eventually loosen.  The brush is very dense so losing a few hairs here and there shouldn't effect its use in any dramatic fashion, it's more about the possibility of irritating green hairs being left on my face.

Good for me:  Great colour = check, looks awesome = check, feels soft = check, reasonable price = check.  However, I would say is that I feel like it's quite hard to get a good amount of powder spread over the brush - it tends to concentrate in one place because of the domed effect.

Another thing is that I realised while looking at the photos I took was that on the other side of the handle that shows you which number brush it is, that it says "China" on it.  This was a bit of a shame, as I would have preferred something made closer to home - and as I understand it, China doesn't have the best record in terms of animal testing - or human rights.  However, I don't really know enough about it at the moment - it's just a personal preference.

Good for you:  A reasonably priced brush and easy to find for purchase.  For those not concerned with vegan and non-vegan-ness there are three other lines to choose from: Studio, Maestro and Travel which all seem to have a good following.  Bdellium offer helpful advice - but note that they hadn't replied to an email that I sent before I resorted to their FB page.  (Very irritating when you can't get a reply to your question on something you're trying to purchase - more on that in an upcoming post.)  
If you're interested in buying any for yourself, or just finding out more, then check out the following websites:
Official bdellium site - US purchases only

Any questions, feel free to comment below.

Until the next time,

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  1. I was looking at these brushes today, this one looks lovely, I love my real techniques brushes but am always on the hunt for other great brands, great review! x

  2. They are pretty aren't they? Thanks for stopping by :) I've not heard of Real Techniques brushes - will have to have a butchers. x


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