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20/04/13: Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation SPF 15

After reading all about mineral foundations and dithering for a while about ending my longtime relationship with tinted moisturisers I finally caved in and ordered six samples from the Lily Lolo site.  I chose Lily Lolo partly because I'm a sucker for cute little pots and partly as I was able to order the four foundations and two extras with shipping for under a tenner.  Also, you can see from the comments that a tonne of people swear by the stuff.  

There are eighteen shade to choose from classed as either Neutral, Cool, Warm or Olive.  As I'm fairly pale I went for the lighter end of the spectrum.  I have no idea what tone I am, so got the lightest shade in Warm, Cool of each class and then one two of the paler neutral ones.  

China Doll: "Pale, neutral with balanced undertones"

Blondie: "Light, neutral with balanced undertones"

Warm Peach: "Light, warm with peach undertones"

Candy Cane: "Light, cool with pink undertones"

From this, I think that Candy Cane is the best match for my skin.  China Doll looks too light and the Blondie/Warm Peach seem to stand out quite a lot against my skin.  Candy Cane was the only one that almost disappears into my skin when buffed:  however, I'm still dithering over my best match.  I'm almost out of the Candy Cane and after using it for about two weeks, I haven't noticed it looking off colour.  The swatches above are deliberately concentrated swipes to give you an idea about the shades.

All shades - Mica (CI77019), Zinc Oxide (CI77497)
(May Contain: Titanium Dioxide (CI77891), Iron Oxides (CI77491, CI77492, CI77499))

You can't feel it when it's applied - it doesn't sit uncomfortably on your face and the only different is my face feels softer to the touch. However, I've had a bit of trouble with the application because it seems quite lumpy.  The grains seem to clump together - it's bit chalkier looking rather than the fine powder I was expecting.

As these pots are only small, it's not possible to use the pot or lid to apply the product without ending up with thick application as in the photo above.  I've been decanting small bits into other things.

I've been using a Bdellium Powder brush to apply this - and something I'm finding is that there is a magnetic effect... when the brush gets close to the powder, it attracts it.  This would be alright except that in combination with the clumpiness, it makes  the powder concentrated in one patch of the brush.  Tapping it doesn't seem to make a difference.  I'm planning on trying a different brush to see if that's the problem.  Regarding the clump, I wonder if the full-size (and therefore the sifter) helps combat that effect, but given that the other brand I tried has the same base ingredients, I'm not sure what could be the problem.

The coverage on this feels a bit less than the tinted moisturiser I was using previously, but I like that you can't see at all that it's there.  

Good for me?
I like the shades and the small amount you need to get decent colour.  There's a lot of shades to choose from, so bear in mind that getting your match might be quite tricky.  (Especially if you're like me and have no idea if you're a cool, pink or yellow toned kinda person.)  If I can ever make my mind up about which shade to choose I think I will go on to purchase a full size pot.  I like that they will also help you on a one-to-one basis using a photo of yourself if their chart doesn't clear it up for you.

Good for you?
If you have the time to spend applying a powder, and you like the idea of a really reduced ingredients list, then check out the samples and see what you think.   You can buy direct from their site at  Sample pots cost £1.29 each and full sized pots will set you back £12.95.

See you soon


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