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21/04/13: Akamuti Unscented Body Moisturiser

Akamuti, meaning 'little tree' or 'little bit of medicine' is a Welsh business that makes simple hair and skincare.  In searching for Vegetarian/Vegan/All round goodness for my skin I've come across them a couple of times as they're featured in several lists of ethical companies, such as this one: here.   And when my Balm Balm trial pot of Coconut Cleanser ran out I started looking around for something to replace it.  I liked how it was literally just one ingredient - but I wasn't a huge fan of the price... so, I went back to Akamuti as I remembered how their prices seemed fair for the for the quality of the ingredients.  And when I did I found that they also ticked a lot of my boxes: vegan/vegetarian, UK made, no added weird stuff, lots of Organic ingredients and a tonne of ethical and fairly traded stuff.  Plus, the products looked good!

(Click on these to find out more about their fairtrade ingredients and their people and animal policies.)

So after much browsing, I decided to contact them to ask whether there were any trial sizes available as I was interested in trying out their Sweet Orange Cleanser and wasn't sure about buying a whole tub if it wasn't going to be right for me.

Unfortunately they don't have a sample service due to practicalities but they were really great at helping me to work out which products could be right for me. And even better, the cleanser recommended works out cheaper the one I had thought of buying. Excellent. :) So, I bought this Unscented Body Moisturiser which can also be used as a facial cleanser and some Golden Jojoba Oil. I do love a good multi-purpose product or two!

Sweet Almond Oil:  Emollient high in oleic, linoleic and other fatty acids, ideal for very dry skin.
Apricot Kernel Oil:  Fine oil emollient and skin conditioner
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil:  Similar to skins sebum and can be used to replace natural oil. Softens and protects.
Organic Beeswax:  Emollient base.  Soothes and protects skin.

Plastic packaging.  Apparently they used to use aluminium but changed because of package and posting issues.  It's a clear pot with black lid adorned with the recently updated Akamuti image.  When I first saw the image I wasn't sure about it, but having it here it's definitely grown on me - it's actually pretty sweet.  I especially love the soft light blue and pink mixture on this particular one.

Hopefully you can get some idea of the size from the picture above.  It's small enough that I could easily shove it in my bag and take it out with me, but big enough to carry a sufficient amount of the product. For a pot of 100ml you pay £8, which I think is a good price and size - especially considering some of the other items I've come across online - £30 for a cleanser - on your bike!

Although packaged as a moisturiser, I've also been using this as a cleanser as recommended by Lindsay and as it is an unscented cream, it is less likely to irritate my skin than something with essential oils in.

(Sidenote: I didn't realise until after the email conversation had ended that Lindsay is actually the woman that founded Akamuti ten years ago! She was very helpful and recommended several products based on what I told her about my skin - really dry areas with patches of spots under the skin and every so often a proper zit or three.)

As a moisturiser, you apply it like any other.  As a cleanser I like to spread it across my face and then leave it for a short while.  Then before I wipe it off, I rub it in a little bit as it will now be less creamy and more oily due to the warmth from my skin - easier to manipulate.  Then, using a damp cotton wool pad - one with a side that has with a little more texture - I gently use circular motions remove it.  I've been following up with jojoba oil, or just a little dash extra of the cream for a nice smooth finish.  My skin definitely seems to be responding to application of this product.  It's a real treat sitting down to use it and I'm enjoying having skin that feels a little less like sandpaper!  

Good for me: 
A really creamy moisturiser that melts when on your skin.  Great to use as a moisturiser or as a cleanser (or both!).  The only thing I wish was that they did do trial sizes as I like sampling products before committing to them:  but after the email conversation with Lindsay, I felt more confident about purchasing the full size pot.

Good for you:
Simple products that are good value and good quality.  Great customer service and quick postage.  If you want a good multi-purpose product for under ten pounds, I sincerely recommend this lovely cream.  Plus, they're just over in Wales!  

If you're interested in buying any for yourself, go to - they have a whole load of other products too, including Golden Jojoba Oil - review of which is coming up in a separate post.

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  1. Another brand on my wish list but yet to buy from them, great review :)

    1. Thank you :) I hope you get to try some of their products soon - I've actually just placed another order with them! x


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