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14/05/13: Blog Buttons - She Said Beauty & Google Friend Connect

This isn't a review post, just a sharing-a-resource-post.  When I was designing my GFMGFY sidebar, I was looking for some social icon buttons and came across this excellent free set by Carrie. I've seen a few sites with similar icons on, so I imagine quite a few people have come across them already.  

The set covers Email, Bloglovin', Hellocotton, Flickr, Pinterest, RSS, Chictopia, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Society 6, Google + AND Tumblr.

What I like most about this group, as opposed to others available, is the great range of colours (including glittery ones!) and that she included a blank one that I could customise - so I could create any other image for other sites and it would fit in with the pre-made ones.

I thought I would share the two I made for Google Friend Connect/She Said Beauty here and you can right click and download them if you'd like.  But if you'd like to create your own, with your own text and your own colours, then take a look at Carrie's excellent site here:


And if you'd like to follow me on either of those sites, just click on them in the sidebar!  I'm very friendly. :)

How about you - do you have a website - any resources that you like to use?

Where did you find your social media buttons?


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