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06/05/13: Akamuti Green Clay Face Mask

After buying their Unscented Body Moisturiser a little while ago, I was eager to try out a few more things from Welsh company Akamuti.  So when their Earth Day free delivery code popped up on twitter, I decided to order a few more bits and bobs - and when I received my parcel I was pleasantly surprised to find that Lindsay had included two extra products for me to try out.

The first of them is this Green Clay Face Mask*.  I actually videoed myself using this the other day so if you're interested to see its application, then you can click below.  This is the first time I've made a video like this, so let me know if you like watching videos in reviews and I'll either try to do more, or disable my webcam!

This mask comes as a powder, and you mix it yourself either with water or some rosewater.  So far I've only tried it with water.

The pot weighs 100g, and each mask uses about a teaspoon.  I did actually sit down and count out teaspoons, and got 11 heaped ones out of  the clay I have left.  Add that to the one and a quarter teaspoon I used for recording, the one I tested on a friend and the one I had done previously = 14 and a bit.  As it retails for £4.96 that means that if my maths are correct, it's about only about 35p per mask.  Bargain! :)  And the expiry isn't until September 2014, so you don't have to race to get it finished.

The ingredients are simply - sun-dried french green clay.  Yay for simpleness.

As you can see in the video - it becomes a lot more vivid when mixed with water than it appears as a powder in the pot.   The smell is earthy but not unpleasant.  It actually reminds me of something else that I can't quite place my finger on - perhaps a little bit of that pink toothpaste, Euthymol?  If you choose to mix it with rosewater, obviously you'll have a different aromatic experience.

The bottom of the pot tells you a bit about green clay:  "Sun-dried green clay has remarkable healing powers, with an ability to draw out toxins, sooth areas of inflammation and remove underlying allergens that may have built up in the skin.   Being sun-dried, this clay retains all of its mineral content."

It goes on to say that if your skin is in need of TLC then it isn't unusual that the first time you use the mask your skin feels hot and looks inflamed - yikes!  I was slightly nervous after reading that - but apparently my skin isn't as bad as I thought it was as I didn't notice any of this effect.  Nor did my human guinea pig.

You can use this over your entire face, as I have done - or apply it to isolated spots.  I hadn't fully appreciated that you could do the latter - watch out future zits - I'm coming to get you...

The only problem I faced with applying this was that although it recommends that you use two teaspoons for one of the powder, I found it was a little drippy - especially if you're applying it away from the safe tiled haven of the bathroom.  So in future I'm going to try a 1:1 ratio and see if that works better.  

The amount that a heaped teaspoon produces is perfect for the whole face - as you can see in the video, I actually had a little bit leftover because I added that bit of extra powder.  

After using it my face felt smooth and refreshed and not aggravated as I thought it might.  Regarding drawing out impurities - I've currently got a beast of an under skin spot on my cheek that I'm hoping will come to the surface soon - it's probably too early to say but it feels like it might be responding.  Fingers crossed.

Good for me:
Something I recall from using packet masks years ago is that they often left my already dry skin feeling even drier.  Although it is recommended that you moisturise after using the green clay, even before doing that my face doesn't feel like all the moisture has been sucked out of it.  You can see in the video that the mask hardens and tightens - but when you wash it off, that feeling disappears.  Overall, it's an enjoyable way to treat your face to something different.

Good for you:
Works out super reasonable regarding pricing, is fun to apply and easy to remove.  If you're willing to go the extra step to mix it up yourself - and you can see that it's really not difficult - then it's a brilliant alternative to pre-made masks, with undoubtedly a whole lot less of the dodgy chemicals.

If Green Clay doesn't sound like your thing then there are also some other similar products available, including the very temptingly named Chocolate Marshmallow Mask.

(For more information about Akamuti, their ingredients and policies, please see my previous post.  You can also find them on twitter @akamuti)

If you're interested in buying any for yourself, check out the following websites:

How about you - have you tried green clay?

Hephzibah x

*As stated, product kindly provided for review - all opinions are my own


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  1. I don't use masks very often but I do love the ones from Pure Thoughts. I was looking at the Chocolate Marshmallow Mask the other day, sounds tempting :)

  2. I will have to check out Pure Thoughts - although I have a list as long as several arms of all the great brands I keep hearing about - must. stop. reading. so. many. blogs...!

    Thanks for reading and commenting :) You're right, the chocolate marshmallow sounds fantastic.

  3. I love this brand, I will be placing another order really soon I will have to try this :) x

    1. I hope you enjoy it - I couldn't believe how cheap it worked out! Just about to try it on my chin - the hot weather has caused a bit of havoc there. x


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