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22/05/13: Balm Balm fest!

Balm Balm is 100% organic company from the UK accredited by the soil association, and I've ended up with quite a few of their products over the last few months.  They were pretty much the first brand I came across when I googled around for organic and natural skincare.

My first purchase was a Facial Kit (RRP £13.25) containing mini sizes of their main skincare products.  (I love a good mini kit.)  These are the yellow ones shown in the picture - they come in a drawstring organic cotton bag along with an A5 sheet detailing the contents.

1 x Organic Coconut Cleanser - 15ml
I really like this product.  The only thing that stops me from buying this full size is that I would prefer to keep trying out a few different products.  It's really thin and takes off my eye make up without any problems.

1 x Organic Witch Hazel Toner - 15ml
I'm not thinking of repurchasing this.  I have very dry skin and anything with alcohol in it just makes it worse. I have however been dabbing it on the odd spot - but I can find Tea Tree to do that anywhere.

1 x Little Miracle Rosehip Serum - 10ml
This I am rather fond of.  Despite being less actual product than the others, it lasted a good while.  I used all of these products for about a month on both me and someone else and I still have a little bit left.  Considering the full size bottle is only 30ml, that's encouraging if I ever decided to buy it.

1 x Exfoliating Mask - 4g
This is the only product that I haven't properly tried.  I'd been testing out another mask and wanted to make sure I was seeing any effects just from that one.  I have given it a little go, and it smells lovely, and has such simple ingredients - such as brown rice powder and hibiscus flower powder.

1 x Muslin Cloth
I'd never used a muslin cloth before, so I was pleasantly surprised with this product.  I like how they gently exfoliate when you use them - along with dry skin I get flaky patches, so exfoliating gently is the order of the day.  Also, they last longer than cotton wool pads and go further.  The only problem is that with just one, washing it and drying it (especially in wintry months) is a pain.  I guess if you really like using them then you have more than one!

All in all, I really liked this set and it encouraged me to try out another of their products.

This time I went for their Fragrance Free Face Balm (RRP £6.99).  The first thing I realised was that fragrance free doesn't mean it doesn't smell! Might be fairly obvious, but I was slow to realise that this just means it doesn't have any scent added - it will still smell. (Duh!) At first, I wasn't keen on the smell that it does have, and I was struck by how damn small the bottle is. I knew it was only 30ml when I bought it, but even so, it's tiny. It could almost be a lip balm tube.

However, as with the rosehip serum, I'm finding that a little bit goes a long way when it is warmed up and I've gotten used to the smell.

The packaging is cute - green box and green tube with various ideas for its use. Although sold as face balm, it is just the same as their lip or body balm, just different percentages of the ingredients are used to change the consistency.  I've been using this before applying my mineral foundation for a while now and I've changed my initial sketchy opinion of it - I am tempted to buy this again if I don't find anything else to moisturise before I mineralise.

The final product is the Rose Geranium Balm* that I received in my Souk Souk box.  It was really nice to see this in there as if I had to choose one of their lip balms it would be this flavour.  :)  I have been using this since I received the box - it has a thin consistency - and the smell is fab.  It was slightly gritty when I first received it, but as soon as you apply it, that disappears from the warmth of your lips.

The downside to this product is that I can imagine easily getting through this in just a month or two.  I might be proven wrong, but if so, I don't know whether I will repurchase.  Then again, it is only £3.50!

Good for me?  I'm generally impressed with their products, and in relation to the price hike-up on some brands, they come in relatively cheap around the £10 spend.  Plus, with every single ingredient being organic and all their products at Soil Association standard it's hard not to feel good about using Balm Balm.

Good for you?  If you like flashier packaging and a bit more variety in smells, and you're not a fan of Tea Tree and Rose Geranium, you might find your choices a tad limited.

I bought mine from:  Supersmoocher (facial kit), and Saffron Organic (FFF Balm).  You can also find them on their website Balm Balm.

(Saffron Organic only stock Soil Association approved products, so if organic is important in your skincare, do check them out!  I actually had an issue with the FFF Balm when I first received it, but their customer service was excellent and had it sorted quickly.)

Are you a Balm Balm addict?  What's your favourite product?

Hephzibah x

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  1. I love the Balm Balm cleanser, I enjoy that it's simple and good for when skin is flared up :)

  2. It is a lovely simple cleanser - that's what first drew me to it. :) A pump top would make it perfect!

  3. Ooh I love Balm Balm! I really want to try out the mini kit, the coconut cleanser sounds lovely as well as the rosehip serum :) Great review! x

    1. It's a great way to give them a go. :) Thanks for stopping by! x


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