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19/05/13: Elemental Beauty Eyeshadows

When I decided that I wanted to go more natural with my skincare and make up, the first thing that I did was divide up my current stash into three piles.  One - things that were cheap/half-used and could be thrown away, two - items that had cost a bit more and I couldn't bring myself to throw out (instead offered them to people who were happy to take them), and third - items that I used everyday and wanted to keep a hold of until I found a better replacement.

Lots of the items in the third pile were cosmetic bits and quite a few were eyeshadows.

So when I recently ordered some sample size foundations from Elemental Beauty, I asked if it would be possible to try a few samples of their mineral eyeshadows too.  They were very kind and sent me six to try out.  The eyeshadows are made with Sericite Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Rice Powder and Iron Oxides.  They are suitable for vegans (yay!) and are supposed to be better for people with sensitive skin.

They came in little plastic vials, with more than enough for several swatches/wearings.

I received the following eyeshadows (Italics are their own descriptions):

Champagne: "Sparkling Champagne, delicious!"  I think this shade would work best as a highlighter in the corner of your eyes.  It's very pale and most effective when swatched wet (foiled?)

Smoke: "Slight violet glow when caught in the light ...predominantly a matte shadow"  I really like this shade.  I wore it dry on Saturday and it stayed there until I took it off.  It's soft and sweet.  I'm thinking of buying the full size of this as it's quite a good match for a colour I'm trying to replace.

Angelic: "Very pale peach shimmer"  Another one that I think would be best for highlighting.  It's not particularly for me as it's quite orange but I appreciate that it's a pretty colour.  Dry swatching was quite difficult as it's very sparkly!  Mixed with a bit of jojoba its good for a bit of glitter on the cheeks if you're into that. :)

Bohemian Babe: "Pearl pink" I don't know that I would call this pearl pink, and I wasn't particularly taken with it as a colour.  It was a bit brown to me with an undertone of red.  Unfortunately, that combination doesn't work for me, only serving to highlight my dark circles!

Heather: "Soft and with the tiniest bit of sparkle, pale mauve" Although it looks quite similar to Bohemian Babe, there's more purple in this one.  I'm quite disappointed with how it swatched as it looked much better on the eye.  It's quite similar to Bohemian Babe, but with less of the red undertone which made that shadow a no-no for me.

Temptation: "Pinky tone with a golden sparkle"  Hopefully you can see the golden sparkles in this swatch - I really like the combination of the two colours.  In reality the shade is a lot less brown looking.  This is just enough sparkle for me.  A really lovely colour.   

Good for me?  Having never worked with mineral eyeshadow before, this was a little bit fiddly.  However, when you buy the full product you get a proper pot with a sifter so I assume the process would be a lot less messy!  Particularly with Champagne and Angelic I found that I had sparkles all over me afterward. It was easier to keep the minerals together when using a slightly damp brush.  

I'm still searching for a good replacement for my Natural Collection in Willow (here if anyone can think of a dupe!) but Smoke, Heather and Temptation are certainly vying for a position in my make-up bag.  

Good for you?  Ranging from £3.99 to £4.99, these eyeshadows are good value, and if you have the time to work with minerals as opposed to finger-applying a pressed shadow on your way out of the house while chomping down a piece of toast, then there are some lovely colours to choose from.  Elemental Beauty even appears to offer custom mixing of your own shade - so if I can't find a replacement for Willow, I might go down that route.

You can find Elemental Beauty here:

Have you tried Elemental Beauty eyeshadows, or perhaps their mineral foundation?  
What do you think of Minerals in general? 

Hephzibah x

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* These samples were kindly provided along with a purchase, all opinions are my own and based on my experience of the products.


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  1. Great swatches, I love the look of Angelic, I have a love hate relationship with mineral eyeshadows I have lot's but I don't always use them as often as I should because they are fiddly. x

    1. Angelic is pretty - just not on me! I'm in two minds about loose powders as I'm quite messy, but there are some really nice colours... :S Thanks for stopping by :) x

  2. Such lovely colours on those swatches xx

    1. I struggled to capture a couple of them! Thanks for stopping by. :)


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