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17/05/13: SoukSouk Little Green Beauty Box - First Impressions

One of the times I wish that I lived in the States is when I see people posting about some of the beauty boxes there with eco/vegan slants. However, over the last couple of months, it's been great to see the emergence of some new beauty boxes here in the UK with a green twist. So, when Victoria from one of these new boxes - Souk Souk - kindly offered me the chance to sample the May box, I was very excited!

Souk Souk* aim to provide a beauty box only filled with products that are not tested on animals, are often certified natural and organic and free from certain chemicals. It sounded a perfect fit with my current mission to find clean and green beauty and skincare.

It arrived today, nicely packaged with easily recyclable cardboard and paper padding (which the kitten loves!) Obviously I can't yet give you a detailed review on the products, but I thought I would share my first impressions of them and the overall box.

There are four to five products in each SoukSouk box, this month has five products: two full size, one mini, and two trial size.

Green People Moisturising Shower Gel - sample size 30 ml - not sold separately (Available with two other 30ml for RRP 11.95 - so roughly works out at about £4)
Green People have a huge list of certification, ranging from Vegan to Fairly Traded, yay! The packaging says that it is shower gel but at the top is labelled haircare, so I'm a bit confused (doesn't take much!) but I'll be testing this out all over. I like the smell, Orange Blossom, and it has an organic content of 84%. There is a substantial list of what they don't put in the product at the top of the bottle followed by their ingredient list further down. I can't see anything that immediately stands out as one of my 'things to avoid', so I'm definitely looking forward to trying this.

Green People Nurture Body Lotion - sample size 30 ml - RRP 4.50
Higher Organic content here, with 91% of ingredients being organically grown. I'm always in two minds about Body Lotion - something about it always reminds me of the cheap sets you can get, where body lotion is always the duff product that you end up shoving in a drawer with all the others from previous sets. (Just me?)

Something that amuses me about this product is that it is said to be alcohol free, but then qualifies that with from "(ethyl alcohol, ethanol)" and it has cetearyl alcohol and benzyl alcohol in the ingredients. Huh? (I will have to investigate further - but I think I read somewhere that although they are called alcohols, they don't act in the way that ethanol does). However, with shea butter as the second ingredient, (water as the first) my skin will probably thank me for using this. It will be hard to give up the pure shea butter I'm currently using to try this out, but in a cute little tube, it will certainly be convenient. Other key ingredients include Evening Primrose and Perilla.

Dr Bronners 18 in 1 Magic Soap in Rose - sample size (59ml) - RRP 1.50 - 1.99
This product is one of the first products that I reviewed when I started my blog, so I won't be reviewing it again. However, as I only have Tea Tree, Lavender and Peppermint, this Rose scent is a pleasant addition to my collection. It's a sweeter rose scent than rose water, smelling more sugary. Something that stands out for me with Dr Bronner is their recycled packaging. Plus, as before, their certifications are impressive (fair trade, recycled packaging, organic content). I'm looking forward to using this.

Balm Balm Rose Geranium Lip Balm - full size - RRP 3.50
I have to admit, I did sneak a quick peek at the "What's in your box?" post on Souk Souk, but failed to notice the Balm Balm lip balm there, so I got a nice surprise here. I've had up and down experiences with Balm Balm products and I'm still making up my mind about them. But I recently tried their perfume taster set and the rose geranium scent in that package was one of my favourites. So this little pot will be an excellent handbag product. This rose scent smells more like my rosewater.

Inika Certified Organic Brow Pencil - full size - RRP 13.50
I've heard good things about Inika, so I was really looking forward to receiving this. Again, they have impressive certification and are free from some of the more common 'things to avoid' like parabens, talc and Bismuth Oxychloride. Unfortunately, despite being fair, my eyebrows are pretty dark so the colour (Brunette Beauty) is a little on the light side for using it as a brow pencil. However, the little note that comes in the box telling us about the products does say that it can be used as an eyeliner, so that's what I'll be testing it out as.

Also in the box is a little A5 sheet telling you about each product, giving contact details and highlighting some of their certification logos. It's sweetly rolled up and tied with a bow - so cute. :)

Plus, there's the SoukSouk Little Green Magazine. I sat down to read this this morning, and so far it's an interesting little addition. There are a variety of product suggestions throughout, a recipe, some uses for basil oil that I'd never thought or heard of, ideas for helping to initiate change in animal testing and some interviews and tips from a couple of leading people in the organic skincare/trade board world, aka"Orglamic World"!

I really like this extra aspect to the box, and it's nice to see a beauty box that is going the extra mile to try to make a difference and help others be more conscious about their buying choices.

Good for me:
Some lovely brands so far - and I enjoyed the personal touch of the magazine and information leaflet.  I had heard of all of the brands, so it will be interesting to see in the future whether they include less well-known ones.  I haven't tried any of the products except the Dr. Bronners though, so I'm pleased with this box.

Good for you:
If like me, you're easily overwhelmed with all the choices out there, this is an excellent way to test out some smaller sizes in established brands providing vegetarian/vegan/green/clean products. SoukSouk boxes cost £12 plus £2.95 post and packaging and are dispatched between the 15th and 20th of the month.

There are several subscription levels: 3 months, 6 or 12, and the longer options work out to give you one free box (6) or two free boxes (12). Considering that the Inika pencil alone is worth £13.50, it seems like a great value choice.

If you're interested in buying a subscription, see the SoukSouk website for more details.

They can also be found on: Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and seem very friendly - go say hi!

Have you signed up to SoukSouk? Or used any of the products above? 

What has your experience been?

* This product was kindly sent to me as a sample. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience.


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  1. Green People, Balm Balm and Dr Bronner are some of my favourite brands :)

  2. Great review I just ordered a box from this site and im super excited for it to arrive! xxxx
    Maxine xxx


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