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02/05/13: Eco Brush - Bamboo

When looking into the whole no 'poo idea for my hair (more on that in the future), I was struck by the idea of a better hairbrush that would adequately distribute the sebum from my roots to my dry tips.  Being veggie, I didn't want a boars hair brush, so I started looking into other types.

Plastic was a no-no, and although wooden brushes are supposed to be good, they aren't particularly sustainable.  So, I settled on a bamboo brush.  I tried to find one that was a reasonable price and reasonable quality and settled on this one from Eco-brush.

It arrived in a parcel with a cardboard sleeve:

I've been trying to use this brush in the evenings, but irritatingly it just seems to make my hair even more static than usual.    I don't often use brushes because of the frizz, so perhaps I was wrong to hope that this one would be different.  Other people that have tried it don't appear to have had this problem so I think it's just me.  (Note that I have been trying out some hair treatments so that may be exacerbating the problem.)  I'm going to keep on using it and see whether there's any change.

On the plus side, it feels nice to hold in my hand, and I do like the bamboo bristles and overall there's less static than with a plastic brush. When I use it, the little bubble bits on the ends of the bristles give you a lovely bit of scalp massage.  I just hope that the bristles don't come out too quickly though, as this brush (unlike some other more expensive ones ) doesn't come with extras. 

I have found that sometimes the point where the bristles meet the cushion, the odd hair gets caught and pulled out.  But if I'm careful, this amount to very little of my overall 'thread count'.

Good for me:  It wasn't expensive, it's made from bamboo, it looks and feels nice.  I've been using it successfully before I wash my hair to get rid of any knots and remove any loose hairs.

Good for you:  Cheaper than some wooden alternatives, might be less aggravating than your current plastic brush.  

If you're interested in buying any for yourself, check out the following websites:
Eco Brush - Amazon

Any questions, just comment below.

Until the next time,

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  1. I've had the same hairbrush & comb for years so I'm not looking to swap but I like how eco friendly this is :)


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