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11/05/13: Glass Nail Files from Mont Bleu

The other week, as I was browsing another blog (Polished Cousins), I came across mention of glass nail files. I had never heard of them before (living in a darkened hole as I do) but was intrigued by the premise. My nails are usually filed using anything that is lying around the house, which usually means a cheap paper file that you can get at any drug/health store.

However, I had often noticed that when using them, my nails were left sort of "half-filed" as there would be ragged bits on the underside. So I was interested to hear that glass files are better for your nails and apparently can help 'seal' the edges.  

The nail files that were mentioned were ones by Mont Bleu, a Czech company that both makes and distributes the tempered glass.  They also sell a variety of other bits and pieces, all customiseable with Swarovski crystals.  I ordered the full size travel file, which comes in a hard casing and a mini file, which comes in a plastic sock.  The travel file retails at £8.10 and the mini at £3.60.  There are some discount codes available on the internet and I managed to find one that gave me around £2 off - always nice. :)

Firstly, how gorgeous is the graduated green!? It's so cute.

I chose the hard cased file because I want to be able to take it in my handbag, and I don't think a plain glass file could withstand what my bag is subjected to of a day - and I liked the mini one partly because of the cute colour, but also because I wanted to have one I could slip safely into my cosmetic drawer/make up bag.

Although the surface of each file feels rough, you can't see that it is textured until you use it and it gets a little grubby.  In the picture below, I've used it several times and it needs cleaning, but you can just about make out the texture toward the green casing.

When your file does get dirty like mine has above, you can clean it using water and this won't affect it's efficacy. Plus, the surface of the file (although not the file itself) has a lifetime guarantee.  The surface doesn't feel weird to use, but when I tried it on some test subjects, something about the angle of doing it on someone else meant that it felt a little bit like I was grating their nails on a chalkboard!  Eek.

However, I  haven't had any sort of similar problem when filing my own nails.  One of the first things that I was eager to see was whether using a glass file would make a difference to the jagged edges I had been getting.  I decided to file both hands, one with the glass file and  the other using my previous cheap pharmacy file.  In each photo, I've filed the nails and then run a nail cleaner under each nail to remove debris.

As you can hopefully see, the edging on the nails of my left hand ended up a lot neater than those of my right.  (Note - I'm left handed, so there was no advantage to the left hand glass filing as I was using my right hand.)

I've also added a short video of me using the larger glass file just to help you get a feel for how effective it is. Just click play to check it out.

Good for me?
Very reasonable price considering their guarantee, good shipping rates and a lovely selection of goods. They seem to be leaving my nails in a much better state than my previous files were.  The only thing is that I wish they did hard cased mini ones too, as they would be even more bag-friendly.

Good for you?
Good prices and very attractive to look at. A great range of nail files, including foot files - which I'm extremely tempted to buy.

If you're interested in buying any for yourself, check out their website.  There's even the option to customise the design for use as a unique present or business gift:  Mont Bleu

Do you use glass nail files - or have you tried them?  What did you think?

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