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29/05/13: ""

I don't know about you, but I like to comment on blogs.  I like to ask questions or just say thanks for a good review/post, even on blogs that I don't necessary read on a regular basis.  But on most blogs the only way to keep a track of follow up comments to yours is to subscribe to that post by email.  Which, if a blog is popular with lots of other people commenting... could lead to a whole load of extra emails filling up your inbox.  

I then came across the whole '' palava.  If you're a blog owner, you might recognise that when you're notified about a new comment on your post (yay!) the email that comes through sometimes has that noreply email address in the from line.  That means that you can only reply on the post and hope that they swing by again sometime.  

Sometimes though, that noreply email address isn't there and a real address like is in its place.  This means that you can directly reply to that commenter via email, either to respond in full or notify them that you have replied on the post.  So, if I make sure I'm not a noreply-commenter, then the owners of the blogs I comment on have the option of replying to me via email.

This is also something that I've used on this blog*.   The only issue that has arisen so far is that it's separate to the commenting system and if you respond in full via email - it won't automatically appear in the comments.   

*Of course, being a small blog (with small comment counts), it doesn't take a lot of effort for me to do that.  If you're running a much larger blog, I imagine you might want to take a different approach! 

So, if you'd like to be notified of any comment replies directly to your inbox, here's what you need to know.  (If you're happy to remain anonymous, then that's absolutely fine too!)  

Before we start (if you don't have one already, or want to set up a separate non-personal email account for comment responses to go to) create a blogger account.  It's easy and won't cost you a thing.  You can even set it to forward to your regular email address, thereby keeping your actual email account out of the picture.  Then make sure you're at the homepage

If you're using Google + you'll also need to follow A through to D before moving to Step 1, and Step 6-8 at the end.   If you're already using a blogger account, skip to Step 1.

Then,  you should be taken to the homepage.  From here follow steps 1-8 if you started off with a Google + account and steps 1-5 if you started with a blogger account.

Click on your profile image in the top right corner of the blogger homepage

Click the edit profile button

Make sure the show email address button is clicked and that your email address is in the email address box.

If you had a blogger account to start with, you're done!

If you started with a google + account, now follow steps 6-8.

And that's it. :) 

It's not for everyone, but I hope it's helpful for anyone who would like to receive notifications.

Do you like being a 'noreply' commenter or prefer giving people the option to reply via email?  


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    1. I do try go back to posts to see other responses, but I'm sure I forget some! Thanks for reading x


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