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28/06/13: Akamuti - Wax, oil & water

So, before I dive back into factual and legal causation, it's time for another Akamuti post :).  This brand has quickly established themselves as one of my favourites, as they offer good simple products that are reasonably priced.  

Organic Golden Jojoba Oil - RRP £12.95
The primary reason that I bought it was because as it is so close in structure to our natural sebum it is supposed to be good at moisturising, and also helping with clogged pores.  I don't know how true this is, but I have enjoyed massaging it into my face of an evening.  However, I do find that if I do it at night, there is still some residue left in the morning.  I've tried it on my scalp, in the never-ending quest for natural ways to deal with a dry scalp, and it's very soothing for when the itchiness has gotten really bad.  I did try it as a sort of serum but it made it separate oddly.  The smell is quite hard to describe - I'd say earthy/nutty?

I also read that it can be good for nails so I started doing that each night as well.  It goes far, so a drop will do at least two nails.  As it comes in a large bottle, I've decanted it into some smaller bottles - firstly just a small stopper bottle and then some dropper ones that I bought from I Choose What I Use.  The dropper is an excellent way of just using a small amount, which is all that is needed.  It definitely made my nails feel strong and look better.  

The only problem I have is that something about putting the jojoba on them makes them look dirty?! - seriously, I don't know if it's the yellow or some sort of magnet like attraction going on, but they look really grubby after applying - which when I'm in a pampering mood, isn't what I want to see! 

Organic Distilled Rosewater - £6.50
I love this.  I adore the smell of rosewater and I have really been enjoying using this as a spritz in the morning to calm my face.  I also spray it during the day when my face is feeling especially tight.  I'm getting down the bottle quite rapidly, although less so now that I'm not using it straight from the bottle - I would like to try mixing this with some glycerin to create more of a moisture spritz for use during the day.  There's a tiny typo on the packaging, but as far as I know this is in the process of being changed in line with the rest of the range.  And obviously it doesn't affect the product. :)

Organic Honey and Chamomile Lip Balm* - £3.95
This was one of the extra products that Lindsey put into one of my orders a short while ago.  I love the little bee on the packaging!  At first I wasn't sure about the scent of this.  It's quite strong on the Chamomile, and I mean the real scent of Chamomile, which is quite different (I think) to the santized version you get in a Twinings tea.  However, I starting using it, and it's really grown on me.  It's something a bit different and I love that it's in a glass pot. :)  It's quite a thick balm, but it spreads very well and stays on the lips for a good amount of time.  
Good for me?
I use at least one of these every day and I love all of them.  I'm excited to try some more Akamuti stuff, and maybe take advantage of their current 10% off birthday offer.  

Good for you?
Reasonably priced, excellent variety and friendly customer service.  

Does anything here take your fancy?  

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