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02/06/13: Herbylicious Soaps

So it was a beautiful day yesterday, and in-between finishing an essay, sorting laundry and enjoying the sunshine, I took a trip to the local farmers market.  One of the stalls that caught my eye was one that I've seen previously, but I took the time today to have a proper look.  

Herbylicious is a business based in Gloucester, Gloucestershire(!) - creating soaps, salts, deodorants and a few more things.  Unfortunately, they've made the decision to cease trading later this month, but it does mean that there were a few excellent bargains to be had.  

As they are using up their ingredients, quite a few of the soaps I bought are one-offs or cut-offs, and because they are so individual per batch, I'm not sure which one is which!  However, they all smell fantastic, some with really strong scents and others with smooth soft smells.  In particular one which looks like it might be their Utterly Butterly has a soft lovely cocoa/vanilla scent.  

Some of their items do include goats milk, but their ingredient lists on the site have the plain English translation next to the INCI so for anyone with allergies or certain preferences, it's should be easy to find something that works for you.

The soaps are roughly 40% off at the moment, with other products at 10% off (don't ask me why the difference!).  Postage and packaging is £2.95 regardless of where in the UK you are.  

Do any of them float your boat?  


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  1. Nice review! Is it organic/natural? I love something yummy scents like vanilla! As long as it's sweet! Haha! :D

    1. Not organic I'm afraid, but I think most of them are natural - oils and butters with essential oils. Thanks for stopping by - appreciate the comment! x


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