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06/06/13: Mont Bleu Part II

Recently, I reviewed Mont Bleu nail files in mini and travel case sizes.  The travel one has been fantastic, and the mini one has already been swiped by someone else, so when I was offered the chance to receive a sample of another of their products, I was excited.  

I had already been tempted by the foot file that they offer when I placed my first order, so I tentatively asked if it would be possible to try one out.  They were extremely quick to respond and later that week I received not only a foot file, but a pair of tweezers and earrings.  It was a lovely surprise.

I have been using them for a few weeks now and my general impression of Mont Bleu has remained the same.  Lovely simple products that do what they're supposed to, and are kinda cute in the process. :)

Firstly, the cute foot file.  I was impressed that even though I hadn't requested any particular colour, they appeared to have matched it to my existing travel file.  

Admission time - I don't take good care of my feet.  I drive my mother to distraction walking around barefoot on all surfaces and never bothering with foot cream, or regular filing sessions.  So when I do deign to get out my foot file, it's quite an effort.  

Regular foot files are usually made of a grain that has been attached to a surface, much like sanding paper.  In the case of glass files, the surface itself has been created (modified?) to produce a grain, so in theory it should last you many years, if not a lifetime.

The file has two sides.  One rougher than the other.  I found that this requires much less effort than my previous file and the smoother side (- which I used to think was a waste of time) really made my heels silky.  I'm really impressed with this file and plan on buying some more as presents.

The earrings are lovely.  I have been wearing these almost continuously since they arrived.  They catch the light in different directions and you can see all the different colours.  I think the picture shows it quite well.

The tweezers are decorated with Swarovski crystals.  When I saw these on the website I wasn't sure about the idea of crystals - I thought they might be uncomfortable to use.  However, I've actually found that they're useful for grip.  And they look lovely!  They come with their own case and are wider in the handle than any other tweezers I own, making them really easy to grip.

Good for me?  Some brilliant products - my favourite being the foot file because it's so good at what it does.  

Good for you?  Really reasonable prices for quality products.  Excellent shipping (from the Czech Republic) and a lovely choice of colours and decorations.  To see more of their range, click here

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* I received these products as a sample, opinions are my own and based on my experience.

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