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30/06/13: Weekend Wishlist

Quite a long list - feeling rather greedy today!

1.  Blackberry 9790 (or 9320)  - RRP £200.00+/£99.00 
This is one of those current craves that I can most certainly do without, plus it's definitely not very green!  I currently have the Orange Rio, a cheap cheerful touch/qwerty phone that makes calls, texts and has internet capability.  The only problem really is that the organiser element to it is rubbish.  And as someone who thinks they will be able to remember it all but usually doesn't, a phone with a better personal organising system would be useful.   I've tried paper diaries, but usually forget to put things in it or forget where I've put it - a phone is something that I always have with me.  So I'm quite often googling around looking at Blackberrys and the like, reading reviews and generally drooling over their clicky goodness.

2. Nourish Toning Mist - RRP £8.95 from
I never got around to buying the Aubrey facial mist that I had been obsessing over and have since been using just rosewater in a spritz bottle.  However, I read about this mist the other day and I'm back to wondering if it would help.  The only thing is that as a toner I wonder if it would just tighten my skin?  Anyone know?

3.  White Stuff - Bryony Boots - RRP £69.95 from
I went on a big throw-out, clear-out, donating drive yesterday and I got rid of the ankle boots that have sadly just died.  (Eight quid on eBay, so I feel they did their service!)  I'm very tempted by these boots but I'm not sure how I would suit/get on with wedges.  I very rarely wear heels and I'm definitely into comfort, so I'll be debating over these for a while yet.

4.  Blazers - Oasis Black Isla Jacket - RRP 70.00 - White Stuff Blue Holly Jacket RRP 65.00 
Along with the boots went two jackets that I had had since I was around 14... they were a little worse for the wear and I've changed shape quite significantly since I bought them.  They've gone to charity and now I'm left needing (or rather, wanting!) some replacements.  I struggle to find fitted jackets that will do up/don't strain plus have good length.  These look like they might do the job and I'm a big fan of White Stuff stuff. 

5. Weleda Almond Face Care Starter Kit - RRP 9.95 from
These don't appear to be out yet, but I saw them mentioned a while back by Weleda on Twitter and Ana mentioned them again recently.  I'm looking forward to them being in stock because a) I love minis b) I haven't really tried Weleda properly and c) what a great price!  The almond set comprises Soothing Cleansing Lotion, Soothing Facial Oil and Facial Cream plus a muslin cloth.  My skin could certainly do with some soothing at the moment  and I'm very tempted by this pack.

6.  Bodhi Mint The Balm - RRP 15.00 from
I'm drawn to this because so many people have recommended their line on Twitter. (Twitter is clearly dangerous to my bank balance!)  I've also got a stonking headache brewing, so perhaps I need one of these little pots in my arsenal.  

7.  Zuzu Luxe Mascara - £15.50 from
I confess I'm still using my pre-greenie days mascara.  It's nothing special, just a cheap GOSH black one.  But I'm starting to hunt around for something to buy when it lacquers its last lashes.  I like the look of this Zuzu Luxe one at the moment, but I'm also tempted by Lavera and Lily Lolo.  Very open to suggestions.

8.  Naturtint in 4N - RRP 9.99 at
I saw a discussion on Twitter (I know, again) between Sarah and Ria about hair-dying.  I am very rarely happy with my hair.  It's hair and it's healthy, but I just don't like it sometimes!  About a year ago I put some blonde in it, but I'm bored of it now and want to go just a tad darker than my current shade, so this reminded of the dyes I'd seen in my local store.  At a tenner they're a little more expensive than your regular drugstore box, but nothing that will break the bank. (Ahem, numbers 1 and 4 I'm looking at you).

So, that's the end of my weekend wishlist and I'm off to hunt down the sofa for pennies. :)   Are you wishing or lusting after anything you've seen here?  Let me know! 


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  1. I have the Bodhi balm, it zaps a tension headache before you know it! Love it, Nourish is a lovely brand, trying a serum at the moment so nice, would love to try more! x

    1. What's the serum? I am in danger of having 8 serums and no mascara - skincare is just so tempting :) x

  2. The temple balm is on my wishlist :)


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