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05/07/13: Mary Jean Lavender Body Butter

Last week I signed in to Twitter on my phone while waiting for someone and I managed to re-tweet to win a Lavender Body Butter* by the lovely Mary Jean.   Based in Scotland, the range includes Body Butters, Soaps, Face Masks and Bath Bombs.  It was a fab surprise to win, and I was pretty excited when a box arrived a couple of days ago.   Inside I found this sweet pot.

Ingredients are simple (only in INCI on the packaging - but in plain English on the website):
Shea butter*, Macadamia nut*, Cocoa butter*, Beeswax*, Vit E and Lavender Essential Oil.

Initially I wasn't sure about having a Lavender scented product as it's a fairly standard smell, but I've actually been pleasantly surprised.  It's a treat to massage it in to the skin in the evening after work and let the scent relax me.  Texture wise, it's a silky balm that melts into the skin - although I love my Extra Virgin Shea butter I sometimes find it can be quite sticky after application - this one melts in completely and the only residue sinks in quickly.

Good for me?  
Calming relaxing scent and a smooth application. When I first looked at the ingredient list on the pot, it didn't show what was Organic so I assumed that the product wasn't, but I just checked out the website and the list there shows that the items above marked with * are in fact Organic.  Although I received this as a gift, I would happily repurchase. 

The only negative is that the label isn't shiny (not sure of the proper terminology) and so if you pick it up with oily fingers it will stain.  But for the price and the lovely butter inside, what's on the outside of the product isn't particularly important.

Good for you?
With a price of just £7.99 you won't need to live on beans to afford it and if you're already a fan of lavender it'll be right up your street.  To see more, visit or find them on Twitter @maryjeanuk

Have you tried Mary Jean products before?  


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  1. This looks lovely, It is a brand I have been meaning to try so I was really excited to see you had enjoyed it! x

    1. It was lovely to receive - look forward to hearing your thoughts :) x

  2. You sold me - I'm curious to buy one myself!

    1. Let me know what you think if you do! :) x

  3. Sounds lovely :) I'm a sucker for anything lavender based, so it sounds perfect for me, and that's such a great price too - great review :) x

    1. It is a great price. I'm only about half way through it so lots more buttering to do :) Thanks so much for the kind words xx


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