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21/07/13: Mint Foot Balms

In this hot weather, my feet are suffering.  Although I have finally invested in some good open sandals, the last week or so has been nasty - sweaty, stinky and super-hot toes!  And during this time, I've been turning to two particular items in my growing collection of goodies to soothe and treat my feet after the day is over.

Pure Thoughts Mint and Avocado Foot Balm (RRP 7.95 for 50g)  Pure Thoughts is a company that I've heard of before but not properly investigated.  They hand make all their offerings from their workshop in Derbyshire.  Recently they've brought out a few new products, one of which is this lovely foot balm.  I got this in my SoukSouk box this month and have been using it in the evenings.  

It's a thick balm, although it melts in nicely.  I imagine the thickness comes from the Beeswax - I'm not sure about Avocado butter not having coming across it before, but from my experience with it in this pot, I'd be interested to try it out.  The strong peppermint is fantastic and I'm really enjoying it.  I'm interested to try more of their line, especially more from their new line - the lip scrubs look fantastic.

Botanicals Mint and Tea Tree Foot Balm  (RRP 15.95 for 50g)  Mint is clearly flavour of the day, and as a self-confessed addict, I'm not complaining.  It's such a lovely smell to have, and does a good job of soothing my head as well as calming my feet.  Of the two, the scent isn't as strong with the Botanicals balm, but still noticeable.  I like the fact that this one has Tea Tree in it to help with any skin problems that invariably arise when feet are stuck in sweaty shoes all day.

It's a thinner balm, melting pretty quickly from the warmth of my hand - and feels quite similar in consistency to coconut oil.  It melts into the skin a little bit quicker than the Mint and Avocado and is definitely more oily than buttery.  However, I'm impressed with how far this little pot has gone, only needing a little bit at a time.   As it's more expensive, this is a good thing!  But it's also worth noting that these little lovelies are Soil Association accredited organic. :)

Good for me?

Really nice to smooth into my feet and happy to have discovered them both.  Of the two, I don't think I can pick a favourite - they're just different.  The PT has the amazing strong mint and the Botanicals has the added bonus of Tea Tree.  Both are packaged in lovely pots, although I'm definitely swayed toward the PT tin over the plastic.

Good for you?
If you struggle with hot feet like me, I highly recommend both of these balms.  Although I technically bought the Botanicals pot, I only paid for postage as they offer a little duo of "Try Me" balms free - an excellent idea!  The Pure Thoughts line also covers soaps and facial care, and offer their own Try Me line featuring their soaps.

Have you tried either of these brands?  What do you do to cool down?

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Pure Thoughts Mint and Avocado: Olive Oil, Avocado Butter, Beeswax, Castor Oil, Peppermint Oil, Rosemary Oil, Limonene*. *Naturally occurs in essential oils.

Botanicals Mint and Tea Tree:  Sunflower seed oil*,Shea butter*, Cetyl alcohol, Jojoba seed oil*, Apricot kernel oil*, Glycerin*, Natural vitamin E, Zea mays seed flour*, Peppermint oil*, Spearmint leaf oil*, Tea tree leaf oil*, limonene**. (*Certified organic ingredient. **Natural constituents of essential oils.)


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  1. Hello!
    Both brands and products sound very good :) I was researching about some new products..definitely need to give my feet some loving! I would prefer the butter consistency though, something that get absorbed quickly rather than an oil.

    Ila x

    1. Hi Ila! They are both very good - I dont think you'd be disappointed. Would love to hear your thoughts when you choose some foot loving goodies. :) x

  2. I got this in my Souk Souk box too and need to actually get round to trying it! They both sound great and I definitely recommend trying out more Pure Thought products - the Tangerine whipped shea butter is amazing! x

    1. Oh that sounds gorgeous - sucker for citrus!! Hope you enjoy the foot balm. xx

  3. I've never heard of Pure Thoughts before but love the sound of the Foot Balm!
    I'm a big fan of Botanicals so that also sounds great :) Thanks for sharing!

    Hannah x

    1. You're welcome - thanks for stopping by :) I'm new to Pure Thoughts, but like what I see so far! x

  4. Really love the idea of foot balm as its something that most people probably don't know about!Brilliant after a day's work to relax and relieve stress!


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