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01/07/13: June Empties!

I'm quite slow to accumulate empties - plus I quite often forget about saving the wrappers!  But here's a short round up of some of the products that I've finished up over the last month or so.

1.  Aspalls Cyder Vinegar - £1.55
For a while I tried out Baking Soda and Cyder Vinegar for hair washing, and this was my ACV of choice.  Some people don't like the smell, but I like it enough to leave it in as a rinse. I haven't stuck with the BS and ACV washing but I do like apple cyder as a rinse every so often as it leaves my hair feeling soft and sleek.  At under two pounds, I'll probably be repurchasing.  

2.  Salt of the earth - travel spray - £1.99
This was one of my initial purchases when I was trying to replace items that I use come rain or shine - I quite liked it, but when it ran out I replaced it with a crystal stick - unfortunately I don't think the stick is quite up to  tackling my sweat... plus you have to wet it before application.  It just eats into my morning routine.  So, I'm thinking about replacing the stick with the full size spray.  It works using mineral salts to neutralise the bacteria in sweat that creates a bit of a stink.  I am going to repurchase this.

3.  Urtekram Rose Shampoo - £4.95
I love the Rose scent of this.  It doesn't go too far as it has no foaming sulfates, but I enjoy using it.  I've found that if you make sure your hair is really really soaking, it lathers better.  I should probably branch out, but I'm not sure what other brands to go for.  I have quite a dry scalp so anything moisturising would be great.  But for the moment, I love the smell and the price.  

4.  Moa the Green Balm - sample pot 3ml
I was so happy to see this in my June SoukSouk box - it's been on my list of want-to-try for a while.  I've already used up this little pot and gone on to buy the large version.  I'm in love with the healing properties it has - it has been really good at soothing spots and inflamed areas on my face.  I can see this being a huge part of my daily routine for a while yet.  One thing I do wish is that you could buy the bamboo cloths they make for their sets, separately as I like the look of them.

5.  Oskia Eye Serum - full size 15ml £58.00 - estimated sample retail £7.70
I've had this sample for a while, and in all honesty, I haven't actually finished this sachet.  I used it a few times but forgot to keep on with it.  The times that I did use it, it felt like it tightened the eye area -  but there wasn't anything amazing about it that meant I wanted to keep applying it.  I have problems with dark circles but didn't feel that this would be the best way to tackle them.  I gave the other sachet I had of it to a friend, and although they liked it, I don't know that they would repurchase.  

Is there anything here that you would buy or have already bought?


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  1. I've seen Urtekram Shampoo around but haven't tried any of their products :)

    1. I've been using their Chamomile Conditioner too (picked up the one for blondes - oops!) and its very true Chamomile, but I quite like it. Just not as much as the rose. :)

  2. Cyder vinegar as a hair product? I'm still learning about natural and organic alternatives and this has opened up more options :p

    Olivia xxx
    Beauty from the Fjord

    1. :D Your comment made me smile. I know, it's a weird thing to consider at first - but it is supposed to help smooth your hair because of its acidity. It's especially handy if you do use the BS first, as the alkalinity of that makes the hair quite knotty and difficult to handle. Let me know how you get on if you give ACV a go! x

  3. I'm using the Salt of the Earth Crystal Stick at the moment and whilst it's the best natural deodorant I've tried, I'm sure there's something even more effective. I'll have to try the spray version! I've also been dying to give the Moa Green Balm a go for a while too, I'll have to order it.

    Gem x


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