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06/07/13: The Holistic Detox Pledge

The Holistic detox pledge is something I came across when browsing through some of my favourite websites the other day.  Run by Dana, Live Green Beauty is a blog about beauty (of course!) and skincare but also about generally applying the same sort of natural and good for you stuff throughout our life.  For instance in our food and our mind.  Dana came up with the idea of the Holistic Detox pledge when trying to think what category best described her blog - I think she chose well! :)  


1. Characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.
2. Characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical...

To rid the body of poisonous substances

So effectively holistic + detox = clearing your mind, body & spirit from anything that hinders you from living a happy, simple, healthy life whilst living on planet earth and aiding the lives of future generations. Yup, think that sums it up!"

For me, this is a big one.  I am very good at blocking out things I don't want to do (read - need to do!) and effectively putting them in a room and slamming the door.  I do this literally too - my room is messy and cluttered... messy room, messy mind.  Goal:  tidy and maintain tidy room!

Sleep is something I'm very good at.  Timing my sleep is something I'm very bad at!  Being and feeling fully rested and refreshed can be a cure-all, so my goal here is to enforce that 11pm bedtime as often as I can.  

I think that with this one I'm halfway there.  I'm a stickler for turning things off when not in use (and sometimes when they are - oops!), and I compost and recycle clothes/cans/plastic.  I'm sure that there are things that I could be doing and should be doing, but for the moment I'm going to focus on the more personal goals and maintain the conscious earth actions that I'm already taking.

Thanks to Dana for starting this great pledge - I've been trying natural and 'good' with my skincare for a few months now, but here's to the next step!  

Want to join in?  Grab a button, check out Dana's pledge post and get going! :) 

What would your pledge look like?


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  1. So true about the sleep thing! Yes it's good to get sleep but not if the timings are out lol. Happens to me too! Also know what you mean about closing doors on mess, tend to do that when I'm tired. Even the ironing pile is behind a closed door! Great pledge Hephzibah, great you're taking part! :) xx

    1. :D It does mean that I can go a while without seeing my room but for bedtime :s. Thanks for checking out my pledge, we'll have to do updates! xx

    2. That's a good idea! Lol, the floor of my room is covered in my daughter's teddy bears etc as we speak!! ;-) xx


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