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28/08/13: Temptations - Mavala Rouge Rubis

So, as I haven't been able to bring myself to spend close to £14 on one water-based nail polish (sorry, they're so pretty but I just can't!) and I'm seriously missing having painted nails, when I saw this Mavala polish on sale for just £2.00 on Latest in Beauty, I couldn't resist.

26/08/13: Little bit of an UNE splurge...!

After Caitie at Naturalla Beauty mentioned there was a huge sale on UNE cosmetics at the moment, as a brand I've never tried before I couldn't help picking up a few bits and pieces - and I thought I'd share some swatches for anyone else interested in taking advantage of the sale.  

21/08/13: Interview - Akamuti's Lindsey!

You might have heard of this company, a lovely lot called Akamuti.  I've only mentioned them, well, quite a few times!  A little bit in love with their website and quite a lot in love with the butters and oils they have on offer.  So, really happy to be able to share with you this interview with the creator and founder, Lindsey.

Even before I bought their products, Lindsey was happy to converse via email to help me decide what products might work for my skin - and when someone takes the time to do that, I can't help but be impressed.  I really enjoyed getting to know more about the brand and a bit more about Lindsey herself.  I hope that you do too!  

Hi Lindsey!  Akamuti is such an interesting name for a brand, how did you come up with it?  (And, importantly, am I saying it right - ak-a-moot-ee?) 
Yes, that’s right! I wanted to pick a name that reflected our connection to Africa and our passion for plants and healing. A lot of our ingredients come from Africa and my mum was born there too. Akamuti is an African word (Bemba language) from Zambia. It has two meanings, ‘Little tree’ or ‘A little bit of medicine’, where tree and medicine are synonymous. In African cultures, trees are revered as sources of healing. We really feel this evokes our philosophy and ideals. We’re very passionate about healing, trees and herbs so it describes us perfectly! 

Excellent, glad to hear I've been pronouncing it correctly!  I read that you started the brand over ten years ago, what inspired you to begin creating skincare? 

15/08/13: Summer SoukSouk Box - first impressions!

I love it when I come home for lunch and there's a parcel waiting. Today, that box had the lovely SoukSouk logo on it!  After wolfing down my sandwich, I quickly tore off the sellotape to see what was inside this month.  Firstly, you're greeted by the magazine and the list of items (I like to hide the list until I've had a look, so as not to spoil the fun of looking through the paper).

Gorgeous picture as always on the cover of the little green magazine.  But if you'd like to see what's hiding below, pictures and thoughts are after the jump!

10/08/13: August Beauty Bargain Round-Up!

Although I have been known to splash some cash, throw down some coins and break the bank with my beauty purchases, I still love a good bargain.  At the moment, there are quite a few little gems that I've come across and as I can't indulge myself in all of them I thought that I would share what I've found with you.  Maybe there will be something to take your fancy!

[Photo credit:]

I only recently came across this site, so it's a shame that it's already leaving me!  However, this does mean that there are quite a few bargains to be had.  Quite a lot of the stock seems to have gone already, but there are still a few bits and pieces.  Plus, there's free delivery when you spend over £20.00

Pai Chamomile and Rosehip Organic Moisturiser RRP £24.00 - Lush Duck £16.80

08/08/13: Beautiful Benecos - Mascara and Lipstick

Benecos has been on and off my radar for a while, but I finally took the plunge recently when searching for a new mascara.  Honestly, I primarily chose this because the packaging is so cute.  I love the slim tube and feather detail.  And when I picked it up, I was attracted to the lipsticks they have - some really lovely nudes - and so ordered a pink honey shade.

02/08/13: Essential Bodycare!

Like most people, deodorant is something that I will use day in and day out even if I'm hanging around the house in sweatpants with a face like Gollum.  So it is probably the most important item that was on my excellently titled "Products-to replace-with-more-natural-ones-but-only-if-they're-actually-any-good" list.  I started off with the Salt of the Earth Crystal spray and used up the travel bottle I had, but wasn't overly impressed with its efficacy.  So, I moved on to the Incognito crystal stick which has citronella in it - and as I'm fairly cheese like (stinky if left in the heat) I thought this might be a good direction to head in.  However, to apply it, you need wet armpits, which is more time consuming to set up than one might think, and I couldn't actually ever smell the scent. 
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