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08/08/13: Beautiful Benecos - Mascara and Lipstick

Benecos has been on and off my radar for a while, but I finally took the plunge recently when searching for a new mascara.  Honestly, I primarily chose this because the packaging is so cute.  I love the slim tube and feather detail.  And when I picked it up, I was attracted to the lipsticks they have - some really lovely nudes - and so ordered a pink honey shade.

Benecos Natural Mascara Super Long Lashes - RRP £6.95

Despite choosing this for the price (in case I didn't like it), I have been really impressed so far!  The colour is carbon black, and the wand is nothing extraordinary but it really lengthens the look of my lashes and doesn't seem to dry out and flake.  In fact, I took a nap one day and despite being a fully paid up member of the shove-my-face-into-the-pillow club, there was very little shed.  

The consistency is quite smooth and thick, and this can be problematic when applying.  One needs to wipe off quite a bit of product before application or it will go everywhere.  Ideally this wouldn't happen as it can be a bit messy, but for seven quid and the natural look it gives, I'm happy to spend a few seconds extra wiping the brush.

Benecos Natural Lipstick Pink Honey - RRP £6.95


As an impulse buy, this turned out quite well.  I'm not a huge lipstick wearer, but I'm quite taken with the colour of this.  It's a coral pink-y nude, so the name is quite accurate, and it suits me quite well I think.  If I was being a nitpicker, I think I would have preferred it to be a little darker than it turns out on the lips, as I'm not completely comfortable wearing light shades.  The left is lips inside and the right is hand outside.  It was really difficult to capture the colour of this, as you can see, in the sun the pink element really shows up.  On the lips it looks closer to my natural colour.

Good for me?
I'm pleased with my purchases, but I did spend a while checking out the ingredients first.  It's worth making sure that you're getting what you think, as although these items passed my checklist, there were a couple of eyeshadows I was tempted by that are mainly talc.  (The duos, the baked ones are free from.)

Good for you?
Benecos are a purse-friendly line with a good range of colours and products.  As far as I can tell they aren't organic, but seem to be more 'simple' than a lot of other brands out there.  They have pleasant fragrances - yes, I spent time sniffing the mascara! - and the packaging is clean and functional.  If you would like to try some, you can visit or

Have you tried Benecos?  What do you think of my purchases? :) 


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  1. I love the colour of the lipstick! I'm looking forward to trying the Benecos eyeliner I won in Ria's giveaway then hopefully I'll try some more of their products in the future! x

    1. Awesome, congratulations! :) Look forward to seeing what you think of it - at the prices was so tempted to buy quite a few things! x


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