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15/08/13: Summer SoukSouk Box - first impressions!

I love it when I come home for lunch and there's a parcel waiting. Today, that box had the lovely SoukSouk logo on it!  After wolfing down my sandwich, I quickly tore off the sellotape to see what was inside this month.  Firstly, you're greeted by the magazine and the list of items (I like to hide the list until I've had a look, so as not to spoil the fun of looking through the paper).

Gorgeous picture as always on the cover of the little green magazine.  But if you'd like to see what's hiding below, pictures and thoughts are after the jump!

Bloom Remedies Daily Balance Cream (50ml - £10.99) (Box size: 30ml - £6.59)
I've been looking at these products for quite a while, so when I saw that they were going to be in this months box, I decided to hold off buying and see what this is like.  I'm currently detoxing my face, so I'll most likely be using this on my neck and hands.  It's a lovely smell and is Soil Association certified.

Dr Akalitis Organic Day and Night Creams (50ml - £69.50) (Box size: 5ml - £6.95)
I've heard of this brand before but I've never tried any of their products and so far so good - they both have the most delicious scent.   It starts off with a stronger woody smell which disappears into a smooth vanilla cream... I don't know if my nose is having a meltdown as it's not mentioned on the sheet... but I was really pleasantly surprised with this.  I like the little packaging they come in, and their motto of not putting anything on your face that you wouldn't eat appeals to me.  

Alva Stressed Hands Cream (75ml - £8.50) (Box size: 18ml - £2.04)
Another brand I haven't tried before, so happy to have this cream.  Also quite nice to have an item to use on something other than my face, and my hands could always do with a little lovin'.  This Ecocert moisturiser is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, so hopefully it will protect my hands as well as sooth them.  I can see this being a good cream for any gardeners out there.  It's a citrus scent, but not overpowering - just gently zingy.  It spreads quite well and is a perfect size for the littlest of handbags.

Avril Organic Black Mascara (9ml - €7.00 - £5.96)
As I've only just bought myself a new mascara (Benecos Longer Lashes) which I am very happy with, I'll be keeping this one on the sidelines for the moment.  But, I like the look of the brush and it's always nice to be introduced to a new brand.  This French cosmetic company are apparently recently launched in the UK, so I'll be sure to look into their other products.

This month's box, subscribers were also treated to a box bonus! This is a pair of eyelash curlers with added finger comfort rings from Avril.  I have had my No7 curlers for years and they're still going strong but it's nice to have another pair handy for the times when I lose them (often) or perhaps for the handbag.  I like that this set has a spring which helps the release and the rubber rings add a degree of comfort.  

Good for me?
Overall, I'm pretty happy with this months box, the Bloom Remedies bottle especially - and the fact that I haven't tried any of the products before is a massive bonus.

Good for you?
A little heavy on the creams but a great introduction to some less well-known brands, and a nice variety of interesting scents.

What do you think of the August box?  
Anything in there you really like the look of?

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  1. Never head of this box before but it looks promising. Very unique

    1. It's a lovely box - I'm always excited to see what's coming in the next box :) x

  2. It looks like a very nice box..I should definitely join soon :) I love the Bloom Remedies Daily Balance Cream bottle / packaging!

    Let me know what's your favourite product this month.

    Ila x

    1. Me too! It's my favourite in terms of look, and so far I'm enjoying it on my neck. The Alva cream doesn't actually spread as far as I thought it might, but in some ways it's handy (boom-tish!) as it means you don't have that slippery can't-touch-anything-until-it-dries time after application. :)

  3. I just received mine today and loving everything in it :) Can't wait to try out the mascara especially! x

    1. As I'm holding off on the mascara for the moment, will be interested to hear what you think of it - I do like the look of it, but don't want it to dry out/get icky while I still have another one open! It's very difficult not to get it going though, I feel a comparison coming along... :P


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