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28/08/13: Temptations - Mavala Rouge Rubis

So, as I haven't been able to bring myself to spend close to £14 on one water-based nail polish (sorry, they're so pretty but I just can't!) and I'm seriously missing having painted nails, when I saw this Mavala polish on sale for just £2.00 on Latest in Beauty, I couldn't resist.

Mavala is a fairly established brand - in fact I had a couple on my dresser when I was a lot lot younger, blue sparkles as far as I can remember! - and although they're not five-free, seven-free or water-based they are free from Formaldehyde, Toulene and Camphor and come in perfect sized 5ml pots.  I don't know about you, but I don't think I've ever reached the end of a nail polish bottle before it went goopy and unuseable.  These 'mini' sizes make that less likely to happen.  

Two coats is optimum (as shown in the picture), it gets a little thick with three.  Currently I have one coat on and although it is a little lighter it is still reasonably opaque with only minor streaking.  Removal due to the glitter takes a bit longer than other polishes, but it didn't stain my cuticles like others have.

The little bottle of bright sparkly red isn't something that I would have usually chosen, but I really like this colour.  It's a very pink-red and it reminds me of strawberries.  The glitter settles into the polish well, although it does make the overall finish a bit rough.  I'm already looking to see if there are some other shades to be had - whilst keeping my eye out for potential greener competition!

Do you have any make-up weaknesses?

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