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13/09/13: Bathed and buffed

I have a few little bits and pieces that I'm using all-over at the moment, and rather than bore you with a post on each, I decided to lump them in together and give you one (hopefully awesome!) post about all the things I've been using recently to wash, buff and smooth on a regular basis.

I am a huge fan of Thai curries, I love the tofu, the awesome flat noodles, the sauce, the herbs, spices... so this lemongrass body wash is a huge winner for me.  I think this is the full sized version, but I'm not sure as it only refers to Lemongrass on the packing.  I am loving using it.  It's got the zing and punch of the old original source products I used to use and has also gone pretty far as I've used it in more than three baths and still have some left.  I'm eek-ing it out!

So, I couldn't resist this dinky pot from Balm Balm when it was on offer at LIB.  I know I could probably just chuck some Geranium in and get a similar fragrance, but that wouldn't feel quite as luxurious as using a special little pink bottle to spread a few drops of scented oil loveliness into my bath.  Although I like it, I don't know that I will buy the full size when this one runs out, so I'm using it sparingly.  It's crammed with different flower oils and comes in a couple of other scents.

03/09/13: Getting to know Souk - Interview with Victoria Wright!

I am beyond excited to share this interview with everyone.  We've had the wonderful Lindsey and the fab Suzanne and today we're rounding out the trio with a Q and A with the founder of the little green beauty box aka SoukSouk, Victoria.

Hello!  Firstly, the interesting name – what made you decide to call your beauty box SoukSouk?
I visited Morocco a few years ago and ended up spending most of my time there exploring the Souks. They are covered markets selling spices, clothing, lanterns and jewels. I liked the connotations of discovery, excitement, indulgence and the exotic.

That sounds fantastic; is that when did you decided to set up a beauty box scheme?
It was a couple of years ago, when I first came across mainstream beauty boxes. I thought the concept of receiving a regular box of beauty treats was utterly fantastic. However I personally wasn’t comfortable with the contents of those boxes. The majority of products within them would have involved animal testing at some point, or would have been owned by corporate giants that sell into China where animal testing is mandatory in many instances (so therefore I wouldn’t want to try products associated them.) I was also uncomfortable with the level of synthetic ingredients in a lot of the products.

02/09/13: Fresh Therapies Eden Nail Polish Remover vs Chanel & Mavala

Today I wanted to share with you a little video I made about the natural nail polish remover by Fresh Therapies. I'm sure some of you will have already read about this product, and I'm thankful to those that have reviewed it previously as I never would have come across it otherwise. But rather than writing a full review I thought that it might be useful to see it in action, showing that it really is rather good - so click below to have a look and a listen!
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