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13/09/13: Bathed and buffed

I have a few little bits and pieces that I'm using all-over at the moment, and rather than bore you with a post on each, I decided to lump them in together and give you one (hopefully awesome!) post about all the things I've been using recently to wash, buff and smooth on a regular basis.

I am a huge fan of Thai curries, I love the tofu, the awesome flat noodles, the sauce, the herbs, spices... so this lemongrass body wash is a huge winner for me.  I think this is the full sized version, but I'm not sure as it only refers to Lemongrass on the packing.  I am loving using it.  It's got the zing and punch of the old original source products I used to use and has also gone pretty far as I've used it in more than three baths and still have some left.  I'm eek-ing it out!

So, I couldn't resist this dinky pot from Balm Balm when it was on offer at LIB.  I know I could probably just chuck some Geranium in and get a similar fragrance, but that wouldn't feel quite as luxurious as using a special little pink bottle to spread a few drops of scented oil loveliness into my bath.  Although I like it, I don't know that I will buy the full size when this one runs out, so I'm using it sparingly.  It's crammed with different flower oils and comes in a couple of other scents.

Having tried out the konjac facial sponges, I had to try out the body one.  Unlike the facial konjac the body sponge is rippled and longer for more coverage.  Prone to dry flaky skin, I need something that will help remove the dead cells gently and leave me feeling clean and fresh.  I do enjoy using this, but it doesn't replace the body puff - it feels different to a regular sponge but I'm definitely more of a fan of the facial version.  If you don't suffer from flaky skin that needs removing (ick, sorry!) then this will be perfect for you, but I just need that extra bit of scrub that this doesn't quite provide on my skin. 

Anyone else think of Chandler from Friends when they think of bath salts?  "I drew my own bath, but I did it wrong! The water’s tepid. The salt didn’t dissolve and is now… lodged places. And the scents I used don’t compliment each other. Eucalyptus and chamomile—Oh! - The bath salts! They’re starting to effervesce! It’s different. (Pause) It’s interesting."

I love the look of these salts.  You could almost wear one around your neck like a gemstone - in fact, I wasn't sure that they weren't going to just sit in the water staring at me.  I wasn't sure if I was then supposed to break them up for use, so the first time I used them I just chucked a chunk in and by the end there was still a pebble left.  I scooped them out and let them dry out in a saucer.  The next time I broke them up so they would dissolve more easily, and it worked much better.  Story?  Big chunks pretty, small chunks work.

This smells just like Green & Blacks cocoa, it's absolutely amazing - it's very hard to start with, so I usually use a spoon to loosen a few curls before transferring to my skin.  I really enjoy how smooth this makes any skin I use it on and quite enjoy the process of getting it out of the pot!   Using it on any really rough spots after I'm out of the bath it keeps me feeling soft and smelling great. :)

I reviewed this here, but I'm still enjoying it - I'm using a little bit at a time, mainly on my neck and elbows. and still enjoying the fresh lemon scent.

What's your bodycare routine like?

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*Provided for review, all opinions my own based on use of the product


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  1. I love the look of the Eden be natural body butter, I have popped it on my wish list! Xx

  2. Love your blog! So many of these products appeal to me. I'm a big cocoa butter fan, it's been a staple in my skincare routine since... well, honestly since I can remember. I've never tried these brand's cocoa butter though, I'll have to check them out :)

  3. These sound so lovely!! :D Most of my bath and beauty products are Lush XD
    I just found your blog on a blog hop, and am now following :D

  4. I really want all these products I think the lemon and coconut butter and the body salts would be my first picks. My wishlist is getting bigger and bigger haha Santa will have a hard time chosing what to get me hahaha xx


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