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25/10/13: Canadian goodies!

A few weeks ago, I received a box.  Not just any box, but an unexpected box - all the way from Canada!  Caitie from Naturalla Beauty had very kindly sent me a couple of bits and pieces to try out after I sent her a few more UNE eye pencils [Caitie's review/my review].  It was such a lovely surprise and I can see why bloggers get so excited about beauty swaps - it was so fun to unbox, and she had included a sweet note too.  I was grinning like a mad thing!

Green Beaver
I had never heard of any of these brands before, but I love the look of these little samples.  There is a Green Tea facial cream, Grapefruit facial cleanser and Boreal Body lotion (with Labrador Tea in). Of the three, I've so far tried the body lotion and it is gorgeous.  I have a soft spot for anything with Cinnamon in and this has cinnamon bark oil in - smells amazing.  I don't know what Labrador tea is - clearly it's relating to the area and not the dog, but I've never seen it in a product before.  Apparently it's more of a herb you can use to make a tea than a true tea, but whatever it is, it smells great.
I've been using it as a desk hand cream at work and I love the kick of spice it gives me during the day.  I notice that they have some other products in the Boreal/Labrador Tea which I might have to add to a shopping cart sometime! 

Ellas Botanicals
I've seen this brand on Caitie's site, but as a Canadian brand I've never tried it.  This soap is Chai Latte which is again perfect for me as I love that warm spicy scent.  I'm saving this for when I run out of other soaps I'm using at the moment, but get a waft every time I open the drawer it's sitting in. Looking forward to using this. Yum!

Viva Gel
I mentioned this in my last empties post and I still have one sample left.  This gel like substance rubs in to skin and is supposed to remove the dead skin sitting there.  It's quite addictive seeing the little bits coming off as you massage it in and I'm really going to miss it when I run out!

Bare English & Co
I have quite a few Hurraw! balms, and this one is quite similar, that is its oval and natural.  It's similar to the Vanilla Hurraw! I have, but actually I prefer this one over that - it's a very sweet scent, but the mix of coconut with the vanilla makes it softer on the nostrils.  I'm hoping to look at their other scents - which sound gorgeous - Mint Peppermint and Pomegranate Berry - as this is currently vying with my Rooted Beauty balms for top spot. 

I loved receiving this and trying out the different products has been a lot of fun. It's always great to read blogs by people from other continents as you get an insight into all the other natural/clean/green brands that are available in different countries around the world - so it was even more special to be able to try out some of the products that I wouldn't usually get my hands on!  Thank you Caitie :) 

What's top of your international wish-list?

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  1. How fab! So nice to try some new to you brands x

  2. Caitie is such a lovely girl, I've swap with her in the past. Looks like some nice goodies, I'm also a fan of cinnamon. Labrador tea made me chuckle because for a few seconds I was wondering what dogs & tea had in common lol

    1. Love cinnamon, used to really like the Big Red gum but they discontinued it here :( x

  3. Aww what a lovely parcel to receive! Why is everybody making oval lip balms now?! Not complaining, they look cool! Your joke about the labrador made me laugh haha! The green tea facial cream sounds like it would be good for a bad skin day! x

    1. Hah, I don't know why they do but I like them too! Haven't tried the green tea yet but imagine it could be calming. :) x

  4. You're welcome :) Labrador tea isn't something I'm familiar with either, outside of the lotion, but maybe it's more common as you get closer to that specific region of Canada! So glad you've been enjoying everything!

  5. Wow you got some lovely things, it's always so nice to get a surprise like that :) x

  6. Lovely swap! Always fun getting your hands on products that you can't easily get over here :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves


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