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19/10/13: My worst skincare habits

One of the reasons that I started my eco-green journey was that I wanted to see if I could clear up my skin.  I've always suffered from spots, varying from a spot here and there to break-outs that made me wish I owned a balaclava.  So, when I started trying to go green I had this idea that I would suddenly have beautiful skin free from all the nasty bits and pieces that were in the conventional skincare items I was using.  Of course, I forgot that for the last ten years I've been using basically the same cleanser, toner and moisturiser on my face and launched into trying all these new wonderful products with all these different ingredients.

And so my face started freaking out.  And because I went full-throttle on all the different products, I haven't been able to identify anything specific as causing it.  So as you might have noticed, a lot of my posts recently have been on body items or bits of make up rather than skincare, as I'm trying desperately to stick to one set of products to see what happens.  (Hopefully this will be good for my face, but it's a bit boring for review purposes.)  

Unfortunately, I've always had a habit of picking at imperfections.  And when my face gets worse, I really struggle to not pick or poke at the worst parts. At the moment I'm in a cycle of spots erupting, me picking or squeezing, making them worse, making me pick, them getting worse and new spots emerging.  

Alongside the spots, pores have been a problem for me - my focus was always my nose, you know the pores that always seem so noticeable when you're staring in the 5X mirror, but then suddenly the pores on my forehead had joined in, so I poked at them too.  But the forehead is less resistant to being pushed and poked around than the fleshy nose - so that resulted in sore spots, dry skin, aggravated pores and painfully extracted patches. 

As well as being a picker, I'm a toucher... I frequently pass my fingers across my face, in the mornings to check the lay of the land (ie - new spots, are there any?) and during the day leaning at a desk my fingers are always rubbing parts of my face. 

With a new job, revision and exams to do I'm hoping that stress and air-conditioned offices may have been a factor - but add in the flaky-ness on the top of my head (yes, just the top) that won't seem to leave me, I'm in a little bit of a skin crisis!  

So, I thought I'd share this with anyone reading to see if anyone has similar problems, and also as a sort of a public "I'm a picking poking nightmare and I'm going to try to stop" declaration which might make this attempt to cut down more successful. 

What are your worst skincare habits?

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  1. I used to be a really bad spot picker; I'd just get dug in and not stop until I was bleeding, red and blotchy.
    I've been trying hard to stop over the last 6 months or so but even now I sometimes look in the mirror and literally have stop my fingers from roaming my face. It's like a compulsion! My husband even knocks my hands away from my face now!
    However since I've cut back on the picking, I rarely get spots and when I do (you know the ones, those pesky hormonal ones) I find myself reaching for Tea Tree Oil or covering it with NYR's Wild Rose Beauty Balm and within a couple of days they are barely noticeable. Even the pores on my nose appear smaller where I'm not going at them daily.
    It is hard to stop picking but it is worth it, I hope you find your way to a pick-free face too! :)

    1. Hi Jen! Thanks so much for your response - it's definitely like a compulsion. I'm so happy to hear that you've managed to cut down on the picking and that its affected your skin so positively. I should know by now that nothing good comes from picking but it's just so addictive. Really glad that you've been able to cut down - maybe I'll get there too. Watch this space! :) xx

  2. I'm exactly the same as you! As soon as I have a spot or a scab I have to pick! It's so bad and I do try not to but it's really hard! I thought about using natural products as well that they would help my skin so much but I'm still looking for my perfect skin routine! x

    1. It's so frustrating - I know that it will be worse in the end but I have no patience and want rid of the spot/scab right this minute!! Also looking for the best routine - got one going at the moment but still need a few more weeks to if its working :) Hopefully by then I might be a little less pick-happy. Hope you'll share your perfect skin routine when you find it! xx


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