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14/10/13: October empties!

I've had this pot for quite a lot time now and its just run out.  I love the smell and find it a great multi-tasking product that I can use on mascara, as a toner or just a refreshing spritz during the day.
Repurchase?  Not at the moment, but probably will do in the future.

I've almost finished this pot and I've also finished a pot of the rose shampoo which isn't pictured.  I've been trying to keep with the same shampoo to see if I can sort out the dry scalp that has been plaguing me for a while but although I like the conditioner for the ends of my hair, the longer that I've been using the Rose the drier my scalp seemed to get.  It started off well and I love the smell but it just doesn't seem to be working any more.
Repurchase?   Possibly the conditioner, but not the shampoo.

[Warning:  avoid if you're not a fan of foot-talk!]
This little packet was one of a few bits and pieces that the lovely Caitie from Naturalla Beauty sent to me recently.  I'll do a post on the other goodies soon, but this sample has been thoroughly used up.  I was so excited to see this in the box as I've been a little bit obsessed with a similar product by O.R.G. in the past.

This little packet of magic contains gel that upon spreading on skin and rubbing in, produces little balls of dead skin.  It's gross but soooo satisfying.  I even tried some on my evil dry heels - I still needed to give them a proper going over with my foot scrubber but this took off some of  the top gunk.  If you'd like to see it at work let me know and I'll try to do a demo when I review the full gift box.

Repurchase?  As far as I can tell, it's only sold in Canada.  The full size is 50ml and £35.00 so it would be a bit of a present to myself if I went for it.  In the meantime, I'm eek-ing out the second sachet.

There's not a huge amount to say about this other than what I did in my review - I've finished it and am missing having it there.  
Repurchase?  Yes, I intend to.

Sandra from Beauty Balm gifted this to me when I was looking to compare this and the Pai rosehip oil.  How cute is that little bottle?  After testing the two side by side, I chose to buy the full-size Pai as I preferred  the scent it has.  
Repurchase?  Unlikely as I have the Pai version.

Gorgeous scent that really perks you up.  Great for early morning starts!  I think that this link is correct, but the mini bottle doesn't say anything beyond Lemongrass.
Repurchase?  Maybe, but have a lot of soaps to finish up first.

Chamomile Floral Water*
Tania from Bow Tied Beauty kindly sent this to me several months ago from her Little Skincare Shop.  It's a potent bottle of floral water that I enjoyed using and it felt soothing to use on my often red lumpy bumpy skin.  The scent is very strong, but it grew on me - I've become so used to the sanitised sweet Chamomile scent that I forgot what the real stuff smells like!
Repurchase?  I might try one of the other waters in the future, but at the moment I'm stocked up.

Another floral water!  Didn't realise how much of  this I go through, but this has been my latest acquisition.  I received a toner recently with Orange Blossom in and after reading about how it can help angry skin I thought I might try out a straight up on the rocks version.  Like the chamomile water it has a strong scent with a slightly bitter (can scents be bitter?) edge to it, but I enjoyed using it.  I don't know if it has helped to improve my skin, but it hasn't aggravated it.
Repurchase?  Probably, yes.

I have to admit, since this ran out I've been very lax and using my regular pink potion to remove my new Zoya polish.  I keep meaning to buy the full-size of this but as I only recently started to paint my nails again it's fallen by the wayside.  I really like this remover and the fresh citrus scent is a nice change from the nose-hair burning pink liquid. 
Repurchase?  When I get around to it.

I chose three sachets from John Masters with my last Lucyrose order:  Evening Primrose, Lavender with Rosemary + Citrus Neroli Detangler.  It was using these instead of the Rose Shampoo that made me think that perhaps what I was using wasn't helping out the dry scalp situation.  I really liked using the detangler as it helped to smooth down my often thick and flyaway hair, and the shampoos felt luxurious to use.  
Repurchase?  More expensive than I have considered for shampoo in the past but I'm definitely considering them as an investment.

This little treat arrived from Ana along with a Pai rosehip oil sample.  I really liked using this - it sank into my skin quickly, didn't feel greasy and my skin felt more moisturised that it had been using the oil alone.  I was quite sad to finish the pot but am now working my way through the Geranium and Thistle version.  At the moment the rosehip version is still the front-runner.  

(One thing, the text on the pot rubbed off during use.  At first I thought it was just confined to the small pots and perhaps something to do with a different surface being printed on, but now I have a pot of the Camellia and Rose cleanser and all that is left of the detail is the green band around the bottom - which is also on its way out.  Are my hands so acidic they're melting the print or does anyone else have this problem?  
Repurchase?  I am tempted by the full-size but will wait until I finish the samples.

Phew!  More to say than I thought.  Hello to you if you stuck it out - it is lovely to be back writing again after flashcard revision hell!  

Anything here that tickles your fancy?

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  1. I am glad you enjoyed the chamomile and rosehip cream and that the rosehip sample helped you make up your mind, I have the Pai eye cream and the packaging fades on that too. Xx

    1. I wonder what it is in the ink that makes it rub off so quickly? Thank you again for the samples! x

  2. Some lovely brands in your empty collection, I like Pai and Fresh Therapies.

    1. :) I was quite surprised to see how much I've used up. My empties don't usually consist of much! x

  3. I love the John Masters conditioners but they are expensive! I really want to try Trilogy and Pai x

    1. I knoooow, I'm currently trying a different (a bit less) expensive shampoo to see if that works, but I might have to go for it! I've only tried the Trilogy rosehip, but all the Pai I've tried has been lovely. xx

  4. Thanks for the mention :) I'm desperate to try anything from Pai - any review I read is always so positive, just always a little apprehensive about the price, but I think it's a brand to put on my Christmas wish list :p x

  5. Definitely agree, there's something so satisfying about seeing the Amaze Gel work, haha :) I haven't used it on my feet before, but that's a good idea! Also, the ink on my Pai sample pots has always partially rubbed off too.


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