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28/10/13: Zoya swatches - Drew, Neely and Erika

After admiring various Zoya polishes from afar, I finally decided to treat myself to a few during the Lucy Rose sale that was on a little while ago.  Although I dithered over which colours to choose, I settled on Neely, Drew and Erika.  

Zoya is a polish brand that is free from formaldehyde, toulene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor.  It's not as free-from as the water based polishes out there but it's still pretty good, and the selection of colours is amazing.  
Drew:   "Slightly grayed pink rose toned mauve with subtle gold and pink metallic shimmer. Demure but not boring pink for a romantic look". Not sure about the grayed element of this description, but it does refer to the gorgeous subtle shimmer this polish has.  It's not outright in your face glitter but a soft glimmer that keeps it more interesting than a standard pink.

Neely:  "Full coverage earliest spring green in a glossy creme finish. A fun color in a muted finish gives a cool vintage..." I think the last word is supposed to be look but it's missing from their site!  I agree that it's a fresh Spring colour, but due to the coolness of the shade think it works well as a winter colour too. 

Erika:  "A soft, girly pale baby pink with lots of fine gold shimmer. A work appropriate soft pink with a shimmery twist"  Agree completely with this description, just wish it wouldn't take so much effort and layering to get to an acceptable finish.  However, the finished colour is pretty.

At one coat the only colour that I could go out and about in would be Drew - I'm really impressed with the application of this colour.  At one coat Neely is streaky and Erika is streaky and see-through. At two coats,  Erika is acceptable and Neely is just about alright - it's not too obvious in the picture, but there are patches where the colour refused to stay, preferring to pool in other areas.

Below are all three on all five fingers: Drew is two coats, Neely and Erika are three. (Note that although the colour came out really pink on the layer comparison, it's closer to the colour in the full hand/thumb below.)

Good for me?
When I can get Neely neat, it's a lovely fresh colour that pops on your hands.  It's a very pale green that reminds me of the green strip in Flumps.  Erika doesn't really work for me but would probably be quite nice on top of other pinks.  But the outright winner is Drew - it's so easy to apply that I can get neatly manicured nails on not just one hand but both!  Usually I have a neat hand and not so neat hand but the application of this colour is so smooth and forgiving - you can adjust it and go back over parts you've just painted and it won't ruin the nail.

Good for you?
If you're trying to go a bit cleaner in your nail polishes, Zoya is an excellent choice.  Not too difficult to get hold of, and within a reasonable price range, it's definitely worth trying one out - if you can choose just one! You can find Zoya polishes at and

Have you tried any Zoya shades?

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  1. Ooh I love all those colours! I'm going to treat myself to some of the PixieDust ones for Christmas!

    1. Awesome - I'm hesitant to buy any of those as I think it might be a downhill slide into obsession - they look soooo cool. :) x


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