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30/11/13: Just a little Winterlust

I haven't done a wishlist in quite some time, but here are a few of the things that I'm dithering and lusting over at the moment!

I've read really good things about this, but I'm dithering as the spots I had are now raw red patches that are hopefully healing.  From the colour, it reminds me very much of calamine lotion, and looking at the ingredients I'm thinking it is similar.  I'm happy with the roll-on I've been using, but I will definitely be keeping this little pot in mind if I get any big breakouts again in the future.

The White chocolate scent of this is just amazing.  I recently received a little sample of it from Tania and have been using it liberally at work since.  A gorgeous mix of bourbon vanilla and cocoa I'm not looking forward to running out of it!

27/11/13: Interview (& giveaway!) - Heartwood Candle Co.

Hello, Laura and Dominique! Thank you for agreeing to answer some questions. 

So, for anyone that isn’t familiar with soy candles, what makes them different to regular candles?  And do they come from the same beans that make the milk I use in my cereal?
Yes they do! Soy wax is a vegetable wax made from the oil of soy bean. The main advantage of soy is that it's renewable & sustainable; making it an eco-friendly wax choice. The benefit is that it's clean burning. By that we mean that when you burn a soy candle you won't be inhaling any toxins; therefore better for both your health and the environment.

The Heartwood Candle Company is such a great name, was it always the frontrunner?
You know coming up with a name was so hard; practically every name we thought of was taken! Then one day, on one of our regular power walks in our nearby Heartwood Forest, we had a moment of enlightenment, and Heartwood Candle Company was born.

25/11/13: Forget Daddy or Chips, it's Black Cherry vs Cinnamon

One of the first posts that I ever published here was on Hurraw!'s Black Cherry Tinted Lip balm, and I mentioned at the time that I was considering buying their other tinted balm, Cinnamon.  Well, finally I have both in my hands!  So, as I couldn't find a post comparing the two when I was working out which to try first, I thought I'd share a few swatches to help anyone else with the same question.

20/11/13: Rooted Beauty New Releases

A little while back, I did a post about a company called Rooted Beauty.  I was so impressed by their company and how they put money from each of their purchases towards helping women across the world that I bought a lip balm trio to try out.  At the time, they were just starting to expand their line and had launched their Raspberry Citrus Facial wipes - which sound like they smell great and are bio-degradeable to boot (although I know quite a few people avoid wipes on their face where possible).

But if you are a no-wiper, you can still get in on the brand spanking new product excitement, as Rooted Beauty are just on the cusp of releasing two new items in their online shop:  Mango Passion Facial Cleanser and Mango Passion Facial Moisturiser.

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17/11/13: Eden Be Natural Part II

Several months ago, I reviewed a few items from the lovely skincare brand Eden Be Natural and promised to do part II soon after.  Well, it's a little later than planned, but as I'm coming to the end of some of them now I thought it would be a good time to post.

Eden Be Natural Grapefruit Cleanser 100ml* RRP £13.95
Although I had already tried out the oil cleansing method, before receiving this I had no experience of a pre-blended oil cleanser.  This one is for normal skin and contains a heady mix of Grapefruit, Rose water and Frankincense water.   


So, a little bit earlier on twitter I got to thinking about the fact that there are a whole load of green beauty bloggers around, and a load of meet ups going on, but so far I hadn't seen a specific green beauty blogger meet up.  

14/11/13: Jacava Nail Polish

"Eight-free??  What's eight-free?"  That was my first thought when I read about the line of nail polishes by Jacava London.  I've heard of three-free and even featured a couple of four/five-free polishes on this blog, but eight-free was something unknown to me.  

So what is it?  Jacava London claim to be free of -deep breath - DBP, Camphor, Formaldehyde, Toluene, Cellophane, Parabens, Phthalates and animal ingredients.  They're a relatively new brand, and before their introduction, I hadn't heard of them.  Described as luxury nail polishes, the colours are made in the UK with a design headquarters in (not surprisingly, given the name!) London.

I chose to review Jacava Nail Polish in City Heights*, described as a smoking hot taupe.   I was initially drawn to some of the amazing pinks they have, and an ocean green, but looking at my collection I decided a taupe was probably a more interesting addition.

09/11/13: Barefaced beauty

A few Souk Souk boxes ago I received a Barefaced Beauty eyeshadow in black.  The colour is great for eyelining, but it's not an everyday use kind of product.  Interested to be introduced to a new brand I went searching about on their website and happened to do so in the middle of a little sale.  

Barefaced Beauty do mineral foundations, shimmers, bronzers, lip colours and a whole range of eyeshadow colours - plus the brushes you'll need to apply them - all 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free.  So, I picked up two items, another eyeshadow in Rose Quartz and a bronzer in Fairy Princess.

04/11/13: The Heartwood Candle Company

I've never really been a candle person.  I appreciate a pleasant waft of incense from time to time, and I like the flickering flames in the autumn and winter darkness, but I've never gone out and bought a candle specifically just for me to enjoy.  And now I think I've been missing out.  The Heartwood Candle Co. are a relatively new business selling natural soy candles, fragranced with gorgeous essential oils.  I was lucky enough to win this outdoor duo earlier on in the year via a twitter competition and have been using them ever since.  

02/11/13: TVK - a new subscription service

Recently browsing through various google pages and twitter feeds I came across a new monthly subscription box called The Vegan Kind.  It immediately caught my interest as vegan skincare was the first step I took in changing up my beauty routine.

[Image of TVK sample box is one used on the Vegan Kind w/site, the letters and writing are not]

The Vegan Kind will be delivered to your door for £10 a month (+2.95 P&P) and promises to have five to eight items inside.  Rather than a purely skincare and beauty subscription, this service is a lifestyle package and reminds me of some of the vegan American boxes I've drooled over in the past (ie Vegan Presence, Vegan Beauty Cuts...).
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