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09/11/13: Barefaced beauty

A few Souk Souk boxes ago I received a Barefaced Beauty eyeshadow in black.  The colour is great for eyelining, but it's not an everyday use kind of product.  Interested to be introduced to a new brand I went searching about on their website and happened to do so in the middle of a little sale.  

Barefaced Beauty do mineral foundations, shimmers, bronzers, lip colours and a whole range of eyeshadow colours - plus the brushes you'll need to apply them - all 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free.  So, I picked up two items, another eyeshadow in Rose Quartz and a bronzer in Fairy Princess.

Rose Quartz is a difficult colour to describe.  It looks like a rose gold in the pot, but swatched it turns a little bit peachy and on the eye it sometimes looked positively orange!  It might be the high shimmer factor, but I just can't seem to get it to stay put and look even.  When I bought this I was hoping that it might be a replacement for my go-to colour for most of my make-up wearing years, No7 eyeshadow in Wheatsheaf - a pinky gold beige that just subtly enhanced the eyes.  Unfortunately, although this seemed promising when swatching, in application it just wasn't quite right.

I think it would work better on me as a highlighter in the corner of the eyes, and on people with less yellow undertones as it might pull a little more pink than orange.  

The bronzer worked out a bit better for me.  It's the lighter one of the two, and has a lovely shimmer.  In swatching it was quite difficult to get it to lay flat to photograph, so I've included a foiled swatch as well.  You can really see the shimmering element to it in this.  As a bronzer, I'm not so bothered about the flyaway aspect of the minerals, as I would rather err on the side of caution in applying bronzer.  It gives me a nice healthy glow and I'm pleased with the shade. 

Good for me?
I do like both the colours, but each has its negative.  When I ordered them I was expecting to receive a pot similar to the one that had impressed me so much with my SoukSouk surprise - a rotating sifter.  Unfortunately, for some reason neither the eyeshadow or the bronzer had this.  I find particularly on the bronzer that this means that about half the product ends up on top of the sifter and can make it difficult to pick up the right amount of product without bronzing my knees, stomach and legs in the process.  However, disregarding the mechanics of the products, the colours are lovely and the price was just right.

Good for you?
With prices from £3.95 for a travel foundation pot (1.5g) , a good selection of shades and award winning lip glosses, Barefaced Beauty are definitely worth taking a look at.  Oh, and they're made in the UK!  I have my eye on this shimmer next... :)

Would you try any Barefaced Beauty?

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*Update 11/11/13
I contacted Barefaced Beauty to find out about why my Souk Souk pot had the rotating sifter and the purchases I made didn't, and apparently the lockable sifters are the new pots and the plain are the old and they still have some left on sale.  Shame to have received the non-locking ones, but glad to know that they haven't got rid of them <3 font="" nbsp="">


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  1. The Rose Gold is very pretty! :-) I love mineral makeup, thanks for sharing ,,

    1. It is very pretty, it just doesn't quite work for me. But it might be awesome on other skin tones :) Thanks for stopping by! x

    2. Yes I know what you mean :-) xx

  2. Shame the eye shadow didn't work for you it looks so pretty in the swatch and I like the lockable sifter so I would have been disappointed about that, the brand seems like they have some great products though Xx

    1. I know, I really like the lockable sifter! I've asked them about it, so perhaps there's a reason behind it... they have a good selection though :) x

  3. The rose gold shade is gorgeous, it looks so lovely from the swatch, such a shame it wasn't quite right when you applied it. The prices seem very reasonable though and I definitely want to have a look at their lip glosses now :) x

    1. It is gorgeous, I think if I hadn't been set on it being a dupe for my old faithful I might have liked it better - it is pretty. Let me know what you think of them if you try the glosses! x


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