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27/11/13: Interview (& giveaway!) - Heartwood Candle Co.

Hello, Laura and Dominique! Thank you for agreeing to answer some questions. 

So, for anyone that isn’t familiar with soy candles, what makes them different to regular candles?  And do they come from the same beans that make the milk I use in my cereal?
Yes they do! Soy wax is a vegetable wax made from the oil of soy bean. The main advantage of soy is that it's renewable & sustainable; making it an eco-friendly wax choice. The benefit is that it's clean burning. By that we mean that when you burn a soy candle you won't be inhaling any toxins; therefore better for both your health and the environment.

The Heartwood Candle Company is such a great name, was it always the frontrunner?
You know coming up with a name was so hard; practically every name we thought of was taken! Then one day, on one of our regular power walks in our nearby Heartwood Forest, we had a moment of enlightenment, and Heartwood Candle Company was born.

Where did the idea of the Heartwood Candle come from?
We both love candles but felt that there weren't many totally natural ones around. The vast majority being made from Paraffin wax and /or containing synthetic fragrance oils which can be so overpowering.  However, we also felt that many of the purer candles out there were quite costly.  So we decided that we would have a go at making our own! Our family and friends loved what we had made, and it went from there.  And so we began... our mission being to make beautiful, natural candles that didn't cost the earth environmentally speaking or price wise.

[Dominique in the kitchen] 

Why is making candles that are eco-friendly so important to you?
We both try to live a “greener” everyday life so it was only natural that we would like our new business to be as eco-friendly as possible.  As well as our choice of wax and use of organic essential oils, we felt it important to carry our eco-values through to our packaging. We made the decision to sell our candles un-boxed, and to wrap them instead in acid-free 100% recycled gift tissue paper, which we felt was a great alternative to the usual bulky packaging.

We have also chosen to support the beautiful Heartwood Forest, by donating 10% of our profits to the Woodland Trust. We feel fortunate to have such a wonderful space, right on our doorstep for us and our families to enjoy.

You have an amazing selection of scents; how do you decide which mixes make it into production?
Thank you!  Creating the scents is what really excites us. We strive to come up with unique combinations that smell wonderful!  We have a fairly wide product range as we both have quite different tastes, and we feel this is a benefit. The essential oil Ylang Ylang highlights this particularly well; Dominique isn't a fan whereas Laura can't get enough! As does Geranium, which Dominique adores and Laura is fairly indifferent to. Dominique thinks she has one up at the moment as our Bergamot & Geranium candle is one of our best sellers ;) That also might have something to do with the fact Bergamot is a natural antidepressant, used to treat S.A.D, so it's perfect for this time of year.

Where do you source your ingredients from?
The majority of our oils come from a UK essential oil supplier that Laura has used since she started practicing aromatherapy some 15 years ago. The quality of the oils is unsurpassed!

How long does it take to make each candle?
We make our candles in small batches, in a warm kitchen, often with music playing in the background.  We're sure it helps them set nicely ;)  The longest part is waiting for the wax to cool to the required pouring temperature after melting.  That takes around about 30 mins.

[Laura and the eco-packaging!] 

Do you think candles will remain popular, despite the prevalence of electricity and light bulbs in our homes?
Oooo yes, of course!!! There is something inately soothing about watching a candle flame flicker. Candlelight is relaxing, romantic and the perfect antidote to stressful, modern life. The best way to unwind? A a candlelit bathroom in a deep warm bath... bliss!

What’s in the future for the Heartwood Candle Company?
Good question!  We are committed and passionate about what we do.  We will endeavour to keep creating exciting and unique scents. Our goal is simply to be recognised as making the best natural candles in the land!

You can find the Heartwood Candle Company here:  Website   Twitter   Facebook

Thank you so much to Laura and Dominique for taking the time to answer these questions, I enjoyed reading them and hope you did too. :)

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