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22/12/13: December Empties!

1.  Pai Rose and Camellia Cleanser (GWP RRP £14.00 50ml travel size)
When I bought my rosehip oil a few months back, Pai were offering this 50ml pot of cleanser as a gift with purchases over £20.  I was excited to try this out as I had heard a lot of good things and had liked the samples that I had tried of their moisturiser line.  I really liked the product, so much so that I was kinda upset to find out that the packaging is so efficient that if you crack it open in the hope of cadging a last little drop out, you will be disappointed...!  It's a cream cleanser, and I found that I never needed more than half to one pump to cleanse my face.  It's gentle around the eyes and didn't give me any adverse facial reactions.  Something I like about this is that I could use it with minimal fingertip to face contact.  
Repurchase?  Quite possibly.

2.  ila Rose Hydrolat (Prize) (RRP £37.00 200ml)

I was lucky enough to win a Little Face Treats set from ila from the Beauty Shortlist a little while back, and this was the first product to bite the dust.  I used it most days on my face and it was a pleasant water with an excellent pump dispenser.  The only thing about this flower water is that the full size is £37.00 and I'm struggling to see what could possibly justify that price tag.  As far as I can tell, it's the same as other flower waters I've used that only cost half the price.  However, it was nice to use while I had it.
Repurchase?  Not this particular bottle, but rosewater yes. 

3.  Akamuti Sweet Orange Facial Cleanser (£7.00 50ml pot)
I bought this quite a while back, but I haven't used it much.  I love the scent, but preferred to use the unscented moisturiser as a cleanser instead.  I gave this to my mother who enjoyed its use and also really liked the scent.
Repurchase?  Not for me, but maybe for someone else. 

4.  Akamuti Unscented Body moisturiser (just peeking out behind the Lily Lolo pot) (£8.00 100ml pot)
I've been using this on and off for a while now as a cleanser and have finally run out.  Luckily I bought another pot for someone else and have managed to swipe a bit to tide me over until I buy another.  It's a simple mix that's unscented but naturally smells delicious.
Repurchase?  Very likely!

5.  Lily Lolo samples in Candy Cane and China Doll (£1.49 each) and  Elemental Beauty Samples in Luminous and Oatmeal (£0.99 each)
Another product that I bought quite a while ago when I was trying to work out what foundation to replace my old No 7 one with.  I didn't use these up as I found that I preferred the liquid foundations that I tried.  However, I used these up recently because they mach my skin tone - so I thought I might be able to use them to create my own concealer.  I mixed them together with a little cocoa butter, some coconut oil, mango butter and argan oil to create a little pot that I've been using under my eyes as a little wake me up.  
Repurchase?  No need to.

After reviewing this here, I finally finished up the last few spritzes that I'd been holding on to.  It's a beautiful smelling product and I will probably repurchase in the future.
Repurchase?  Not at the moment, but probably will do at some point.

7.  Mendill French Lavender wipe* (RRP £0.50)
I received this in my Vegan Kind box and wasn't sure quite what to do with it, but ended up using it as a hand cleansing wipe.  It's got a very strong scent, but I quite liked it and my hands felt clean and fresh after I used it.  
Repurchase?  Not sure, but possibly - I still have a eucalyptus one to try out.

I chose this as my liquid foundation and only recently ran out.  It's quite a small tube, but lasts a surprisingly long time.  I wish I had prepared better for running out as I would quite like to try a different foundation, but didn't have the time or energy to fuss about trying to find a new brand or shade.  I do like this shade but I feel like it might be contributing a little to the clogged pores I'm getting. 
Repurchase?  Already have, but might not when this one tube runs out.

9.  Abel Vintage '13 Perfume* (€115 ~ £96.00 full size 50ml)
My old favourites of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and Chance have now run out and I've been looking for the scent that can take their place.  I was offered this sample and it has just about finished - Abel Vintage is an organic perfume that the founders are planning on re-creating each year with the variances that the natural changes in the ingredients will bring about.  It's a musky spicy and sweet scent of bergamot, black pepper, clove, vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver and thyme.  I've really enjoyed using it and will miss having it to spritz on every so often.  I think it would appeal to both men and women and I might be swayed in the future into buying a full size bottle. (Which happens to come in a beautifully crafted wooden holder). To learn more about the scent and the people behind it, you can read more here.
Repurchase?  Perhaps in the future - I would be interested to see how or whether the Vintage '14 differs.

And finally...

10.  Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Shampoo (RRP £8.00 travel size 50ml)
A SoukSouk goody, I used this up quite quickly.  It's a strongly scented minty shampoo which I did like using.  I've still got the conditioner that came with it and have been using it on my ends.  The shampoo wasn't outstanding but it did make my hair silky.  Slightly too silky sometimes and leaning toward greasy.  
Repurchase?  Probably not, I have a few others on my list to try.

11.  bodhi Mint The Shower Gel (RRP £23.00 full size 250ml)
Ana was kind enough to include this sample when I won her blog competition a month or so ago to win bodhi desert rose facial oil.  I've been using it for a while and saving it up using a food peg in-between to keep it safe!  It's a fantastic scent that I appreciate even more after the blending session held at Samsara.  The overriding scent is mint (always a winner for me!), but has subtle fragrances of clove and frankinscense to keep it interesting.  Every time I sniff it, I feel like I smell something a little different.
Repurchase? Might have to treat myself to the full size.

What have you been using up recently?

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  1. I really must try the Bodhi Mint The, keep hearing such good things x

  2. Bodhi mint the shower gel is my absolute favourite x

  3. Glad you enjoyed the Bodhi Sample, I can't wait to hear how you got on with the rest of the products too. Nice amount of empties you have used up, it's so satisfying isn't it :) Xx

  4. I'm going to have to agree with everyone else and say that I love Mint The shower gel too!
    I initially loved the Intelligent Nutrients shampoo (it has that gorgeous minty scent) as it was so easy to use in my thick hair but I found that I had to wash my hair more often that I liked. x

    1. Yeah - love the smell - but something just didn't quite work for me! xx

  5. Great post! Really need to try the Pai cleanser :-)! x

    1. I think the sample kit Pai does includes a little pot of it - maybe a good way to try it? x

  6. Great round up and pleased you enjoyed our Vintage '13 Hephzibah! Wishing the best in 2014. Frances


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