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16/12/13: Blog Love

In the absence of a blog roll (it's on my to-do list!), I thought that I'd share a few of the blogs and particular posts that I'm especially enjoying at the moment.  I always like to see what other people are reading, and hope that you enjoy checking out some of the below:

I tried these last week, and set a-googling them when I got home.  Jess (Spoilt Face) is one of the co-owners of Samsara and as well as offering it to us at their blogger Christmas party also reviewed this powder at the beginning of the year.  I'm fascinated by the concept, and enjoyed reading her thoughts on it.  Jess has a back catalogue that I'm also enjoying reading through.

I love concocting things, so I'm really tempted to get stuck in and make a few of these body scrubs that Amber has showcased on her blog.  They look really good and so simple to make.  If you're struggling to find a gift for someone, this might help!  Also, the latest Souk Souk offering is now live and photographed!  There's regular posts about items ranging from the Babyliss Curl Secret to Peppy Galore - usually with a green and natural slant.

This is currently my obsessed-with-it-google-at-all-hours-must-know-everything-about-it item, and the mini version is so cute.  Before this post I'd never heard of them so if you've not come across the Foreo before, you can now thank Annie for your new wish-list item. :)  I've especially liked reading her thoughts on the new Vegan Kind subscription box.

The last time I dyed my hair it was to put some blonde streaks in.  I'm now thinking that I'd like to go darker, and to go back to the chocolate auburn colour I used to have, but which doesn't seem to be my hair anymore.  So I'm looking into Henna and this was the first post I read about it.  I've since watched a fair few videos of Lush Caca applications and results and am planning a purchase very soon!

What posts have you been enjoying this week?

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