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12/01/14: The Vegan Kind III - January Box

Last months TVK box was very exciting to receive, so seeing various tweets about people getting hold of the January offering really got me watching the door for the post.  After subscribing to Souk Souk for a while, it's been nice to change it up a little and know that the products waiting inside might be anything from household cleaners to lip balm or marshmallows.  If you want to know what's in store for you, or you're considering a subscription,  then click through to read more about what I received this month and initial thoughts on each product!

Perry Court Farm - Air dried Pear crisps (RRP £0.75)
I've never seen or tried these before, but this was the first item to bite the dust. I wouldn't consider them to be as crispy as crisps, but the flavour is enjoyable and they remind me of the sweetness you get with a toffee apple.  If I spot them in any local shop I would definitely consider picking them up again.  

Beond - Organic Acai Berry Bar 35g (RRP £0.99)
These remind me very much of the Trek or Nakd bars that you can get everywhere.   I think I've eaten about half of this so far in a moment of crazy hunger - it's not overly sweet and I like that it features Acai berry.  I'm going to see if these are available next time I'm shopping for raw snacks.  Apparently  they have an apple and cinnamon version which would be right up my street.

Considerit Chocolate Mini truffle bar - Orange flavour (RRP £1.90)
This was delicious and has now been completely devoured.  It was rich and creamy with a lovely hint of orange.  I couldn't eat more than a little bit at a time because of the richness, but I liked that it meant it lasted longer!  

Clearspring Organic - Dried Daikon (RRP £2.49)
I have never heard of this before, so I'm really interested to see how it goes in food and tastes.  I've seen similar products in my local health store but I've never really registered it as a possibility.  Apparently it can be used in stir-frys so will give it a go and report back. :) 

Premae Skincare - Hand & Foot Cream (unisex) (RRP £3.50)
Of all the products, this is probably my least favourite.  But of a good bunch that's not necessarily a bad thing (and means I really like my food... :p )   I have quite a few hand creams so I will probably use it as a foot lotion instead.  It's vegan but has a few ingredients in it that I wouldn't choose to use if I had been looking for a cream.  However, it's a useful little pot and I'm sure that if it's the vegan aspect that is most important to you then this will go down well.

Landgarten Organic Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Snack (RRP £1.99)
I didn't get to see many of these as someone else in the house decided that they really liked them.  I'm always a fan of a product that combines a healthy product with one that 's considered less so (chocolate covered raisins anyone?).  I really enjoy pumpkin seeds on their own, so covering them in chocolate just made them even better. :)  Plus they're organic!

Good for me?
A great introduction to some of the different vegan edibles around.  I have a great local health store but I do tend to stick to the same things that I've tried before and know that I like.

Good for you?
I liked that this box had a brilliant range of snacks, from treats (the Considerit) to healthy snacks (Beond) and a touch of body care.  If you're like me and get stuck in a rut I think these are a great way to discover new brands, and if you're looking to turn vegan then the variety of products is an excellent introduction to what might be out there.  Each box is £10 plus p&p (£2.95 UK /£10.00 for EU) and can be found at The VeganKind.

Did you get this month's box - or have you tried any of these products before?

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  1. you just reminded me I need to order some more Consider It chocolate :-)

    1. :D I think I'll have to go find out what other flavours are available - where do you order yours from?

  2. Shame the box doesn't come with a cat like yours - a very handsome kitty! x

    1. Haha! She is such an inquisitive thing, every box or envelope is far more interesting than any toy we could ever buy!

  3. Ohhh, beautiful kitty! Good box, wasn't it but I have to say again ..... beautiful kitty! xxx

    1. Aww :) I love your kitties too - and they all seem to love TVK boxes! I did enjoy the high proportion of food in this one x


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