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18/02/14: The Vegan Kind Box IV

Apologies that this post hasn't been up sooner, I had meant to post on the day that I received it, but this week has just been insane!  

If you haven't heard of it before, The Vegan Kind is a subscription box that brings to your door each month a selection of products that are all suitable for vegans - in previous boxes I've received Dr Bronner soap, Freedom Mallows vegetarian marshmallows and Premae Hand and Foot Creme.  I love the surprise element and hugely enjoy finding it on my doorstep.  So, as this is later than usual,  rather than a first impression post here's what I thought of the contents of this months TVK* box!

09/02/14: Bare English - Review & Giveaway

Bare English were first introduced to me by Caitie who included their Vanilla Coconut balm in the little box of treats she sent me last year.  I soon got chatting to the brand and they very kindly offered to send me their other flavours to try out.  

Already a fan of the green tea infused Vanilla Coconut, I was excited to try the Mint Chocolate and Pomegranate Berry versions that rounded out the trio they had on offer.

02/02/14: Vegan Faces - Eyeshadow Samples

If you've been with me a little while, you may remember that last year I posted some swatches and a short review on the Vegan Faces new line up of lip colours that I had received in a sample pack.  At the time, I promised that swatches of the other products in the pack - eyeshadow - would follow.  However, it has taken me a seriously long time to get around to doing this, partly due to the short days and partly (as I've alluded to on Twitter several times), due to the fact I can't seem to capture just how lovely they are on my trusty Samsung point and shoot.  

So, as I've amassed quite a large collection of photos from various angles in various lights, I thought if I put them all together, then hopefully you can get some idea of how pretty these shades are.  In total there are sixteen shades all in quite earthy tones, and I'll be splitting them into two groups - today the blues and the greens.  

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