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18/02/14: The Vegan Kind Box IV

Apologies that this post hasn't been up sooner, I had meant to post on the day that I received it, but this week has just been insane!  

If you haven't heard of it before, The Vegan Kind is a subscription box that brings to your door each month a selection of products that are all suitable for vegans - in previous boxes I've received Dr Bronner soap, Freedom Mallows vegetarian marshmallows and Premae Hand and Foot Creme.  I love the surprise element and hugely enjoy finding it on my doorstep.  So, as this is later than usual,  rather than a first impression post here's what I thought of the contents of this months TVK* box!

Cinder Toffee - 1066 Cake Stand (£1.99)
Although I'm not aware that cinder toffee is non-vegan, I was happy to see this pack included.  However, I don't know whether it was how it was supposed to be, but my toffee wasn't hugely crunchy and a large amount of it had already crumbled.  As my teeth aren't the strongest, this was probably for the best, but I do prefer the crunchier cinder toffee that's available.

Sweet Freedom Choc Shot (£3.59)
I was excited to try this product as soon as I saw it in the box.  I've never heard of Sweet Freedom before, but I have already repurchased this chocolate sauce-esque product.  It's promoted as a hot chocolate item, but the consistency means that it's great on fruit, porridge or just on a spoon when you need a cheeky hit of sugar.  Very pleased with this item and looking forward to seeing what the other items in the range are like.   

Organic Surge Sugared Almond Shower Gel (£4.49)
Although I often spot the range in Waitrose/health stores I've actually never tried any Organic Surge products.  This shower gel was an excellent introduction as the scent of this is up my street.  It lathers well and cleans successfully.  It's a large tube for the price, and a little bit goes quite a long way.  Definite thumbs up.

Braw Fruit & Oat Bar (£0.99)
Similar to the raw bar in last months box, although this is more fruity than oaty.  I received Blackberry - I think I would have preferred a different flavour, so I will possibly repurchase to try out the others in the range.

Inspiral Kale Chips (£2.19)
This was the only product I wasn't too keen on.  I really wanted to like them as they sounded like a great alternative to snacking on regular crisps.  Unfortunately they weren't very crisp, and the cashew sauce covering just didn't work for me.  However, I've read that other people really like them, so don't be put off!  Also, from looking at their website, there seems to be a whole load of other items that they offer, so I'm glad to have been introduced to the brand, if not this product.

Good for me and you?
A great mix of products, none of which I had tried before.  I liked the strong food element, as I easily get stuck buying the same thing over and over.  I would be interested to see more items like the daikon in last months box, but enjoyed the sugar content of this one!
What do you think of these products - have you tried any of them before?  Let me know!

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* Discount offer received.  All opinions my own and based on my experience of the product


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  1. You probably know this but Kale chips are really easy to make at home, buy some kale, drizzle with oil, sprinkle on your favourite herbs/spices, in oven on a low heat & bake (just keep your eye on them so not to burn). I bought the Choc Shot after I saw Annie (Hello Purple Clouds) rave about it :-)

    1. That's a great idea - I hadn't thought of that! I'm looking forward to trying the other "Shots" :)

  2. I think this was my favourite TVK box to date. That Choc Shot is amazing! x

    1. It is fantastic! The cold weather has made it a bit hard to get out but it's worth it! I also really love the shower gel :) X

  3. Totes agree, the kale crisps were yucky but the choc shot was delicious on your kitty by the way...

    1. Mm, they really weren't up my street! But I know some people really liked them. Thanks :) x


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