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02/02/14: Vegan Faces - Eyeshadow Samples

If you've been with me a little while, you may remember that last year I posted some swatches and a short review on the Vegan Faces new line up of lip colours that I had received in a sample pack.  At the time, I promised that swatches of the other products in the pack - eyeshadow - would follow.  However, it has taken me a seriously long time to get around to doing this, partly due to the short days and partly (as I've alluded to on Twitter several times), due to the fact I can't seem to capture just how lovely they are on my trusty Samsung point and shoot.  

So, as I've amassed quite a large collection of photos from various angles in various lights, I thought if I put them all together, then hopefully you can get some idea of how pretty these shades are.  In total there are sixteen shades all in quite earthy tones, and I'll be splitting them into two groups - today the blues and the greens.  

Stardust  Although this looks in the packet as though it will be a straight up silver, it's got the tiniest hint of blue in it, making it less stark on the eyes.  It could be used as a highlighter or even to line the eyes if combined with a touch of water.  It's ethereal and sweet.  It doesn't apply as heavily as some of the others.  

Atlantic  Like the super green blues you get in holiday adverts, atlantic is a gorgeous turquoise.  I think it would look good as a pop of colour in the crease.  It applies very easily.

Smokey (matte)  One of two matte shadows, this denim shade requires a little buffing in to get opaque coverage.  It doesn't appear to be on their website, but there is a shade called sterling which might either be a new name or a replacement shade.  I'm more of a fan of the shimmer shades as blues can make me look like I've been punched - though this probably says more about my application than the product! - however, it is a pretty colour.

Steel  A dark grey with silver flecks in it I think this would really make a fabulous smoky eye.

Pixie  A light green with gold tones, its a beautiful colour that applies well.  I think the name suits perfectly, it makes me think of Peter Pan!  In areas where the coverage is lighter the gold shimmer shines through.

Fairy Dust  Of all the shades this is probably one of my least favourites.  I just don't associate it with fairy dust at all - more of a moss colour.

Amazon  A dark rich green with a gorgeous shimmer.

Midnight  An amazing dark blue verging on black, this looks great as a liner and mixes well with the other dark colours in the bunch.

Good for me and you?
A brilliant selection of colours that are all available for under six pounds, with samples for just a pound. All registered with the vegan society, no animal ingredients and ingredient list of just "Sericite, iron oxides, titanium dioxide,+/- ultramarine blue, Love."  There aren't any swatches on the site and I think the image used is of their old shades, but hopefully this will be updated soon.  I've just run out of one particular shade and will definitely be repurchasing.

Have you tried any Vegan Faces products?  
I hope these swatches look alright - let me know what you think of the colours down below!

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  1. The blue shades are so pretty, love that they have a good amount of pigmentation too. I'll definitely be checking them out :) x

    1. They really are beautiful - even the colours that I wouldn't wear I admire in swatches :)

  2. What beautiful shades, I think the Fairy Dust is my favourite. Vegan Faces are such a great brand x

  3. They look really good quality for so few ingredients! Love the Pixie shade in the last swatch, that golden shimmer is beautiful x

  4. Great review! Shade Smokey looks so pretty :)

  5. Ooh I love the look of steel, perfect for a smokey eye and atlantic and amazon are gorgeous!


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