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27/04/14: Coconom Cookies

When Aprils The Vegan Kind Box* arrived, one of items that I was most interested to try was Coconom.  It's a coconut sugar that is lower in calories than your regular sugars.  As someone with a bit of a sweet tooth I'm always pleased to discover new ways of sweetening food without adding lumps of the white stuff.

Opening the package, it looks a little like a cross between flour, sugar bits of it are chunkier than others, but some parts are very fine.  It smells slightly caramelised and sweet and passed the dip and lick test, so on it went to my next bowl of morning porridge.  It melts easily just like normal sugar would and tastes really good.  So, next up - cooking with it!

To make I used a recipe that required: 175 g plain flour, 1 finely lemon, grated zest only, 110 g soft butter
50 g sugar, but based on what I had in the cupboard at the time, I used a different mix to follow the same recipe.

17/04/14: Vegan Faces - Pinks and Nudes

For the first parts of this review, see here and here.  

Finally, the last swatches in this group!  The pinks and the nudes.  I apologise for the large number of freaky eye shots to come - but hopefully they give a good indication of how they show in the skin.

04/04/14: March Favourites 2014

Although during March I haven't been as bloggerly as previous months, I'm still using and enjoying a variety of products which I'm going to share with you today!  [Sorry about the photo quality, I lost my memory card and had to rely on my phone for some of them.]

First up is actually a piece of jewellery.  I wear mostly silver jewellery and for Christmas my mother bought me a necklace by a brand called Kit Heath.  I recently was browsing their website and spotted a ring that I really liked, so... I bought it!  It was reduced significantly and arrived within four days of purchase.  At first I wasn't sure whether it was going to suit me, as I'm so used to the rings that I usually wear, but now I love it! 

It's three interlinking silver bands, one of which is made up of little pebble shapes. 

Next is the Vegan Kind Box #5 - in which I really liked the Greenfrog washing up and the Saf Coconut Cookies.  I'm excited to see that I can buy the Saf cookies made in Kensington at several retailers around the country as well as online.  They were sweet and crunchy and the mint and berry flavours made them a bit different.  

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