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17/04/14: Vegan Faces - Pinks and Nudes

For the first parts of this review, see here and here.  

Finally, the last swatches in this group!  The pinks and the nudes.  I apologise for the large number of freaky eye shots to come - but hopefully they give a good indication of how they show in the skin.

Heather:  A pink shimmer with a matte purple base, it's an interesting shade that I haven't seen before.  I found it hard to get an even mix of the two colours when applying.  As you can see, in the photo below the matte purple element wins out over the pinker shimmer that shows above... but it's a really pretty eyeshadow that's a little bit different from your standard.  Unfortunately for me I think it highlights the dark purple shadows under my eyes!

Wildflower:  A rich pink shimmer.  Not a colour I would choose myself, but a pretty option to have.

Bark:  I don't think the eye photo does this justice - a rusty brown with a great shimmer.  A great one for the crease to highlight a neutral eye but is beaten by Sandstone below.

Rose Quartz:  When I first saw this I was hoping it might be a dupe for No7's Wheatsheaf - a nude that I wore for years until I made the switch to green/natural.  Unfortuntately it's too pink and has an orange-ness that means it's not quite right.  However, it's a pretty colour and I have worn it on occasion.

Sorbet:  This was the first sample that I used up completely.  I already have a champagne colour from Elemental Beauty, but I like the shimmer of this one more than the glitter of the EB one.  Will probably purchase at some point in the future - an excellent highlighter that could also work as a simple wash.

Pure Gold: Not one to use on it's own (for me anyway) but great for liner to add a little extra to the lid.  This was great to use around Christmas!

Sandstone:  Another brown, similar to the Bark above, but a little darker and more suited to my skin tone.  I've decanted this into a pot and intend to use it in the future - I think it will work really well in the Autumn.  (Side note - this and Bark really remind me of the two coloured pencils that seemed to be standard in school, the light brown and the dark brown... just me?  Okay, moving on!)

Mocha:  One of the two matte shades, this really doesn't do much for me.  It's a shade that lives up to the name, but I prefer the shimmer shades in the collection.  This doesn't seem to be available on the website, so I don't know whether it will be there in the future or not.

Good for me, Good for you?
Simple clean eyeshadows in a brilliant array of colours.  I can definitely see myself repurchasing at least one of the shades.  You can find them for £5.95 each at Vegan Faces.

Which colour is your favourite?  
Are you a fan of the nudes/pinks or do you prefer the greens and blues?
Let me know down below!

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  1. These look great! Highly pigmented and not too expensive. heather and rose quartz really suit you! xx

    1. Aw, thank you! I agree, I was very impressed with the pigmentation. I think that's what makes them so special. :) Thanks for stopping by! x

  2. Wow these are so pigmented! I love Rose Quartz & Bark!

    1. They really are - I'm certain I'll be buying more from them in the future. :)


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