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The Vegan Kind #TVK7

So, last week saw the arrival on my doorstep of the seventh "The Vegan Kind" box.  Seventh!!  I can't believe how time has passed since I first heard of this subscription and since receiving my first box.  I've really enjoyed all my boxes, but I think this is in the top three.  

How cute are these little bags that arrived in the box for us to fill up with Dormouse Tea Company loose tea? I received the Jasmine tea, but I think that Green Tea and Keemun Morning Tea sachets also went out. Honestly I'm usually a Builder's (Organic Clipper Fairtrade) Bum cuppa kind of person and I don't often branch out. However, I did enjoy the cup I tried and it's gone down well with others in the family. The sachet is the perfect size for trying out a new type of tea.

No/Low-Buy Wishlist

At the moment I'm on life-imposed no/low-buy.  I'm always lusting after various brands and products but knowing that I can't currently buy anything has sent my lusting impulses into overdrive!  To ease them slightly I thought I'd put together a wishlist that I can hopefully start to tick off in a couple of months time.  Most of these products are items that I plan to buy, so it's a wishlist/shopping list combo. :) 

1. Dalit Candles:  I have these gorgeous candles sitting in my Sophia's Choice basket for when we're all moved in to our new place.  I'm astounded that these aren't marketed at much higher prices as for a similar price you can get your standard tealights - which are not a patch on these beautiful hand-crafted beeswax candles that support the founders' work in India amongst some of the poorest people.  Dalit is the name for the lowest caste in India's class system, otherwise known as the untouchables - to find out more, you can read the PDF info booklet put together by Life Association, the Charity that sells the Dalit Candles.  These will be my first purchase.

Bodhi beautiful

With the announcement that Bodhi are rebranding from Monday 12 May to become Bodhi and Birch (read Ana's post here for more information) I thought it was about time that I featured a few of the Bodhi products that I've been using.

ILY Ilia? Tenderly and Polka Dots & Moonbeams

In the recent Beauty Bay mega sale, I ummed and aahed over the goodies on offer, but finally settled (in part through not acting fast enough!) on two Ilia Beauty chunky make up sticks:  Tenderly and Polka Dots & Moonbeams.  Each retail normally at £30.00 each, so the chance to try them both for the price of one was an opportunity that doesn't often come along.

02/05/2014: In My Back Yard

[Please feel free to use the image above if you decide to write a #mybackyard post!]

Over the weekend I spotted a post from Bodhi on twitter talking about how much British Skincare features in our collections - which then turned into a conversation about the brands and products that are available locally to us.  In Gloucestershire, I'm lucky to be surrounded by quite a few smaller natural and green businesses, as well as some bigger names, so I thought that I would share with you what can be found near to me and began to jot down a list.   Karen at In my humble opinion who also participated wrote her own post inspired by this theme, titled "What's in your back yard", inviting others to post about their local brands. After reading that, I thought rather than doubling up, I'd combine my original post with a response post - so, without further do...

Okay, maybe a little ado.

Drum roll please...

01/05/14: Spotlight on Ochre Body and Skin!

I came across Ochre Body and Skin on Twitter a short while ago and the lovely founder Julia Uttley offered me the chance to try out her Awaken range (the Body Scrub featured in my recent Scrub-down smackdown).  Julia has been hard at work since creating the brand and with her efforts recently culminating in a commendation at the Free From Skincare awards it seemed like a great time to find out more about this natural skincare company.
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