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01/05/14: Spotlight on Ochre Body and Skin!

I came across Ochre Body and Skin on Twitter a short while ago and the lovely founder Julia Uttley offered me the chance to try out her Awaken range (the Body Scrub featured in my recent Scrub-down smackdown).  Julia has been hard at work since creating the brand and with her efforts recently culminating in a commendation at the Free From Skincare awards it seemed like a great time to find out more about this natural skincare company.
Hi Julia!  Great to have you here. :)
Hi Hephzibah! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to talk more about Ochre Body and Skin! As a new brand, it’s great to have the chance to be in the spotlight and to explain what the brand is all about! 

Tell me – how did you come up with the name Ochre Body and Skin?
Well, the story actually begins with the answer to why I decided to start my own skincare company. The idea was in fact prompted by a swim in the sea near to home. Feeling totally rejuvenated and amazed at just how soft the seawater made my skin feel, I thought it would be great if our daily bath and shower routines could make us feel that good too. So after mulling the idea around for a while, I eventually decided to set about planning a range of skin care and hair care that has similar uplifting and conditioning benefits.

As for choosing the name, I’ve always been interested in health and the importance of talking both a natural and holistic approach to how you look after yourself, so I wanted the name to reflect that. Ochre is a naturally occurring pigment, probably first used as long as 200 thousand years ago when it was mixed with animal fat and applied as moisturising sun-protection in harsh climates.

So I think the name Ochre Body and Skin really sums up our philosophy very well.

What was the first product you came up with?
I actually wanted to launch with as complete a range as possible including the different products that we use on a daily basis in our bath and shower routines. So that’s why the product range consists of 12 products, two each of the daily essentials: shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion and then 2 each of our pampering products, body scrub and body cream.

As well as being as natural as possible, it’s important to me that the formulations contain benefits of the sea. After researching more about seaweed and algae, I realised just how abundant they are in deeply enriching nutrients, helping to de-toxify, revitalise, invigorate and renew skin and hair tissue.

Where do you source your ingredients from?
As you can imagine, there’s a wide range of ingredient that make-up a skin care or hair care formulation, each performing a different function. One thing I was very certain of was that I wanted our products to be manufactured in the UK – which they are and I’m proud we can say we’re a British brand. The UK has such a great tradition for innovation and industry from leading-edge research and scientific discoveries through to high quality workmanship and manufacturing, I felt it would be wrong not to capitalise on this heritage.

Sourcing the individual ingredients isn’t so straightforward and we have to look outside the UK for some. For example, an essential oil such as patchouli comes from a tropical plant and so will originate outside the UK. Also, we use a COSMOS accepted preservation system that meets the ECOCERT standards that happens to be manufactured outside the UK too, but it's a good ingredient to use, because of its fit with our natural philosophy.

There are four categories (Harmonise, Cherish, Awaken, Enliven) in your line – what’s the difference?
The answer here goes back to the swim that initiated the idea for the brand. Not only did the seawater make my skin feel lovely and soft, the experience was incredibly invigorating too. So it was important to design the formulations so that the products have sense-enhancing effects too, whether that's helping to lift and revitalise spirits or instilling a sense of comfort and calm.

The way we’ve approached this is to use blends of essential oils for their therapeutic qualities as much as for their fragrances.  Each category (or collection) is identified by its own fragrance blend and therapeutic qualities. 

Harmonise - Geranium & Lavender. Soothing, calming and uplifting.
Enliven - Rosemary and Peppermint. Fresh, zingy and invigorating.
Awaken - Black Pepper and Lemon. A zesty, bracing, pick-me-up.
Cherish - Cedarwood and Patchouli. Heady, sensuous and relaxing.

What’s in the future for Ochre?
As a new brand it’s important that we now focus now on becoming better known in the beauty and natural lifestyle markets. We’ve been delighted with the great response we’ve had from the Beauty Blogger community, so we really appreciate that. So for now, all our efforts are centred around building greater market awareness - before we embark on the next new and exciting product development!

The exciting news for Ochre is that since this interview took place they have today launched at Love Lula - which counts many green bloggers and beauty bloggers amongst its fans! I caught up with Julia to see how she feels about this next step:
"I regard LoveLula as one of the leading lights in natural beauty - they've been so pioneering in making great natural products available for their customers, and at the same time, maintaining high principles on ingredient policy and product effectiveness . I'm delighted that they've selected Ochre Body and Skin as one of the new brands to their Boutique. Its a fantastic opportunity for us to gain exposure to a much wider customer base and its also a great endorsement for all the hard work over the last couple of years in bringing this initial range of sea-inspired beauty products to market."

Thank you to Julia for taking time out to tell us more - to check out the range, visit their Love Lula page or their website to find out more.
Have you tried Ochre yet?

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Photos kindly provided by Julia - Ochre Body and Skin


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