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28/09/14: Kosmea Purifying Cleanser and Daily Facial Exfoliator

Kosmea was a brand I hadn't heard of until recently, but they've started popping up here and there, most notably perhaps on mypure.  They're an Australian brand that's actually been around since the early 90s with a focus on using rosehip in their products and making goodies with no mineral oils, artificial colours, fragrances, SLS or animal ingredients.  They also don't test on animals and the packaging is recyclable.  I've been using their cream cleanser and daily exfoliator and thought it was about time to let you know what my thoughts are. :)

21/09/14: Vegan Cuts Mini Review #1

A few months ago I was kindly sent a Vegan Cuts beauty box to try out.  Unfortunately it got lost first time around and the second box arrived in the middle of packing up the house.  So instead of an unboxing, I thought I'd do some mini reviews on each product, now that I've tried them all out.

19 September 2014: Cleansing Cloths

So, I've been laid up this week with a stomach infection - but on the plus side I'm starting to feel a little better and able to relax my mind with a bit of blog writing.  Hopefully I'll be here regularly again from now on - and maybe venturing into some new internet realms not too far into the future.  For now, I hope you enjoy!

A little while ago I did a post on my skincare routine and at the time I mentioned that I had left out a crucial element as I would be reviewing it later on.  And finally, it's here!

The items that I left out were the cleansing clothes/pads that I've been using.  I wanted to leave it a little longer before reviewing them as a key part of their appeal is whether or not they last the recurring washes needed to make them sparkle between each use.  I've been using two different types of cloth:  the Spiezia Cotton Cloths and the Love the Planet Cleansing Pads.  I was intially planning to do a smackdown with them, but actually I've found that I like using them in conjunction with each other and I would struggle to pick a winner.
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