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19 September 2014: Cleansing Cloths

So, I've been laid up this week with a stomach infection - but on the plus side I'm starting to feel a little better and able to relax my mind with a bit of blog writing.  Hopefully I'll be here regularly again from now on - and maybe venturing into some new internet realms not too far into the future.  For now, I hope you enjoy!

A little while ago I did a post on my skincare routine and at the time I mentioned that I had left out a crucial element as I would be reviewing it later on.  And finally, it's here!

The items that I left out were the cleansing clothes/pads that I've been using.  I wanted to leave it a little longer before reviewing them as a key part of their appeal is whether or not they last the recurring washes needed to make them sparkle between each use.  I've been using two different types of cloth:  the Spiezia Cotton Cloths and the Love the Planet Cleansing Pads.  I was intially planning to do a smackdown with them, but actually I've found that I like using them in conjunction with each other and I would struggle to pick a winner.

Spiezia Cloths (5 pack) RRP £7.99
I bought these after despairing at the number of cotton wool pads I was getting through (like, a seriously crazy amount).  I was impressed by the price, that they were organic, the number of cloths and that they looked a decent size.  I use these with my Akamuti Unscented Balm to do my initial cleanse.  I like how they are gently exfoliating but not too harsh.  They are best used over a sink, and aren't hugely convenient to use in a hurry, but they're great for when I do a proper cleanse.  I was surprised at the different between a new cloth and a washed cloth (and have a photo of it somewhere but I'm darned if I can find it...  they shrink a bit), but after the initial change they don't seem to have deteriorated too much.  Considering the price, when they do get a little shabby, it won't be painful wallet-wise to replace them.  I've been using them since early January and you can see there's now a little fraying on the edges.

Love the Planet Pads (5 pack)* £6.20
Love the Planet kindly sent these to me to try mid-January and I've been using them ever since.  I tend to use these after my Eden Be Natural Oil Cleanser, using hot water/toner to remove it from my skin.  I like how handy these pads are, as you can use them relatively dry and they're still effective - so you could use them in a pinch with some toner for a quick cleanse away from the house or where a hot sinkful of water isn't possible.  I also find that these are easier to use with any cream cleanser as they have that touch of absorbency that the cloths don't.  They come in two versions - multi coloured set and a white one.  I like the white as it shows up what's coming off my face - gross fascination/just me? - but the coloured ones would probably stay looking fresher for long.  

[Close up of the material - L-R Spiezia and LTP]

Good for me?
I've had both sets for more than a few months, and although you can see that they're not brand spanking new, they still look good enough to put near my face!  I did try another brand of cloth previously (muslin) and it looked like the dog had chewed it, spat it out and tried to bury it after the first few washes (exaggeration much, but you get the idea!). So I'm very happy with how these have lasted.   If organic is important to you, note that the Spiezia ones are made from 100% organic cotton, whilst the LTP are not.  I would love it if LTP did end up creating organic ones as that would probably make me even more likely to repurchase.

Good for you?
If you've become a cotton pad fiend like I had, it's definitely worth checking out these alternatives.  If you're heavily into using cream cleansers with dry cotton pads, then the LTP ones are probably the best.  If you're into oil cleansers and using hot/warm water to remove make up, the Spiezia ones might be best.  But to be honest, as they're both very reasonable, you could always get both! 

What do you use with your skincare routine?  
Are you a fan of cotton or muslin?  Let me know down below!

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* Product kindly sent for consideration of review, all opinions are my own and based on my experience


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  1. Very helpful post. I have been thinking of getting some of these, but was worried they would deteriorate quickly x

    1. You're welcome - hope you like them if you decide to go for it. :) x

  2. Yay you're back! Woo woo! I have the round ones and like them for taking off cleansers but not for replacing cottons pads. I like the sound of the Spiezia ones but I use normal flannels & that works really well for me, I like big fluffy ones! I bought some re-useable cotton pads on Etsy that I use instead of normal cotton pads most of the time now to cut down on waste :)

    1. Is it weird I never even thought about using a regular flannel...? I do still use cotton pads too, but cut down big time on the crazy amount I was getting through. Thanks for stopping by :) x

  3. I also have the LTP pads but don't use them as regularly as my muslin cloths. I do find the pads good for removing face mask. Have you ever tried a Washi Cloth? they are quite good and like a very thin flannel


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