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31/10/14: Ilia New Releases - Swatches & First Impressions

A very short little undrafted post to show you some of the new products and shades that Ilia have releaseed.  You might have seen me on Twitter banging on about the new tinted moisturisers that I was eager to try out.  Well, thanks to the excellent sample service that Amazingy provide, I was able to get my paws on two tinted moisturiser shades and the new lip colours (€7.95 for 5).  Amazingy also add samples to your sample order(!) and on this occasion kindly rounded out the selection with two of the Ilia concealers.

30/10/14: "Lawyered!" - INCI Labelling

So, today is going to be a little bit of a different post.  I'm not going to be reviewing anything or talking about any particular brands or products.  Instead, I'm going to take a look at the legislation surrounding the sale and integrity of cosmetic products.  (So if that's not your bag, feel free to move along.) As a natural/green blogger, I already take an interest in what's on the labels of my products - and as a student studying law, I'm also interested in the legislation that is in place across the EU to protect consumers when purchasing cosmetic items.  

Disclaimer time!  I'm studying towards my LLB but in no way am I a qualified legal expert or anything close.  I still struggle with understanding legislation sometimes, but hopefully I can set out the basics surrounding what is required to sell cosmetics in the UK in particular in relation to ingredients and labelling.  I did also check my understanding was correct with Europe Direct, a helpful source for questions relating to the EU.

28/10/14: Move over Caspar, a bronzed goddess is in town...!

Okay, so perhaps not a bronzed goddess.  A slightly darker normal lady?  I received this product quite a while ago, after Green People put out a request on Twitter.  Being permanently pale I have dabbled in the past with bronzers and self-tans, but not found anything that was worth sticking to.  Also, that bloomin' curry smell was always off-putting.

27/10/14: Green Beauty Meet Up!

Yesterday, as you may have seen on twitter, a few green beauty bloggers met up in Reading.  

We met in the morning for a little stroll around the Oracle before landing at Pizza Express for lunch and a chat.  We'd been told by Rach, Jen and Sarah that we couldn't arrive before 12.30, so we were all curious as to what they were masterminding and even more so when we were quickly shoo-ed out after turning up a bit early!

Quite often when meet ups involve bloggers there will be a little goody bag offered as a thank you for coming, a little like the party bags you got when you were children.  However, as this was a gathering of friends (albeit green bloggers ones) I hadn't really considered the possibility that I might be taking home more than I planned!  

But, we walked in to find bags on the table.  Wow!  And a gift voucher? And bags on the seats!?  And then after ordering, a hamper!!?  I think we were all blown away by the generosity of the brands, people and companies that contributed and it went to show just how well thought of the lovely Jen, Rach and Sarah are.

Thank you to:  Bloom Remedies (Serenity Oil Set), Viridian (Beauty Oil and Capsules), Ann Marie (A.Vogel Herbmare, Jan de VriesVitality Essence,Crystal Springs Deodorant and A Vogel Soothing Neem Cream), Nom Foods (Oat Bar), Frank (4 x fruit and chocolate bar), Bathing Beauty (Shy Face Tea, Miracle Soap), Herbfarmacy (Just Face Cream, Wash Off Mousse Cleanser), Pure Thoughts (Winter Wonderland Soap, Candy Cane Soap), Botanical Brands (Living Nature Cleanser and Samples, Pulpe de Vie Samples, discount code), Pravera (Benecos Day Cream, Lavera Concealer), Lyonsleaf (Soap), ABeautifulWorld (Bag and Chocolate Sun Tanner), Balmology (Three piece sample pots, Cleanse, Nourish and Comfort), Suti (sample set), Niki's Organic Balm (All purpose balm), Mypure (Hurraw! balms, Madara sachets),  Sophia's Choice (gift voucher!), Weleda (Rose Soap and Calendula Massage Oil), Lulu & Boo (Melissa and Mallow Foot Balm sample, Multi Vitamin Balm sample, full size Rose and Vanilla Balm), Red Apple Lipstick (sample pod), Vanessa's Choice (The Earth Works Grapefruit Exfoliator sample and discount!), Brija Cosmetics (Full size eyeshadow, sample eyeshadow, discount code!), Fresh Therapies (nail remover wipe sample and sample pot), Aedos (discount voucher), Vital Touch (Bath Soak), Rebel Kitchen (not pictured, Chai and Chocolate Milk), Beeutiful (B-balm and Honey Lip balm)... and last but not least from the Bodhi and Birch surprise hamper I chose the Ginger Brew Body Oil and Lime Blossom Hand Serum!   I am sure that you will be seeing bits and pieces from this lot on here over the next few months.

So obviously that was a wonderful unexpected amazing surprise, but (hopefully without sounding like a dork) honestly my favourite part was spending time with 9 other lovely ladies.  I've not written about it much on this blog before but most of my life I've suffered from severe anxiety and a few years ago I wouldn't have even considered taking myself across the country to meet up with people I've only seen a few times before and not at all in some cases - but every time I have done it the people waiting at the other end have made it so very worth it.  So, thank you Rachel, Malin, Jen, Carrie, Annie, Liz, Katie, Sarah and Amber or being such fun and friendly company!  I'm already looking forward to seeing you all again. :)  

And if you're loving the look of that goody bag, stay tuned as Rach has a giveaway up her sleeve!

P.S Apologies for the utter fail of no photographs of the day, but please accept this picture of a few of us back in August as a token gesture!

[Annie, Jen, Rachel, me]

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23/10/14: Vegan Cuts Mini Review #3

After VCMR#1 and VCMR#2, we're now halfway through the mini reviews and onto our first full size product of the box:  Gourmet Body Treats Finishing Powder Pot!  I've tried quite a few mineral foundations and none of them turned out to be anything that I was willing to repurchase.  However, this seemed to be something that rather than replacing anything I used already, could be used over the top of any foundation or tint I was already using and supposedly will help set and finish my make up for the day.

18/10/14: Living Nature Illuminating Foundation

 Living Nature is a brand from New Zealand that I've seen around on a few of my online natural beauty stops over the last year.  Founded in 1987 they're committed to using natural ingredients, preservatives and fragrances and if there are doubts about the safety of an ingredient they don't use it.  In their range they have several lines of face products which confused me a bit at first, but essentially there's seems to be a Foundation, an Illuminating Foundation, and a Tinted Moisturiser.  In July I was sent the Illuminating Foundation Soft Lights* (30ml RRP £29.50) in the lightest shade, Dawn Glow.  And does it glow? 

09/10/14: Bin, Gift or Re-purpose?

I really struggle to throw things out.  You never know when I might need that 6cm bit of ribbon, an old stick (yes, really...a stick) or a broken walkman from 1998.  And unfortunately this same approach also applies to my make up and skincare.  

This meant that when I recently rounded up products that I hadn't been using because I either didn't like them/they didn't work I couldn't just snap them quickly for a failed items post and shove them in the bin.  I started to think about what else I could do with them to avoid just chucking them out and realised I might be able to either find a new home for them or repurpose them.  And therefore we have my very first (dramatic pause) Bin, Gift or Repurpose!

05/10/14: Vegan Cuts Mini Review #2 - Tallulah Jane

Following on from my VCMR#1 (I'm a lazy typist...), here's number two - featuring another never-heard-of-before-to-me-brand, Tallulah Jane.  

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