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05/10/14: Vegan Cuts Mini Review #2 - Tallulah Jane

Following on from my VCMR#1 (I'm a lazy typist...), here's number two - featuring another never-heard-of-before-to-me-brand, Tallulah Jane.  

Tallulah Jane Natural Eau de Parfum in Halona
When this arrived I had recently run out of the perfume I was wearing most days and was looking around for something that might be able to take its place.  So this arrived at the perfect time, when testers were very welcome.  Tallulah Jane is a company that produces natural body sprays, room sprays and perfumes.  Created by Eleanor Jane, the range came into being when through her work as a health practitioner she realised how some of the ingredients in everyday perfumes might not be the best things to put near your skin.  The range is made using essential oils and grape alcohol, is vegan and also Leaping Bunny certified.

My little sample Halona* is one of around eight scents, and is described as "Lime with the zest of Fresh Ginger and Eastern Spices to create an unforgettable experience that will leave you bathed in a little bit of summer no matter the season." And let me tell you, you cannot forget the Lime!  For me, it is a little too strong.  When putting this on I'm very strongly reminded of cleaning products due to that strong citrus tang.  It's not unpleasant, but does cause that unfortunate association in my mind.  Once the Lime has registered, you can detect the subtle base of ginger, but for my liking I would prefer the notes to be a little more evenly balanced.   This is definitely one for the summer, but because of the slight warmth that follows the Lime wouldn't feel completely out of place as a pick-me up spritz in the cold winter days.  It's also available as an oil or Perfume rollerball.

Full price? Eau de parfum - Halona RRP $48 (£28.49) for 30ml.  Repurchase? Not as a perfume, but I think it would work very nicely as a body oil and would be more inclined to buy it in that form.  I haven't found myself reaching for this at all, I'm afraid.

Have you heard of Tallulah Jane?  Or perhaps you've found your HG natural perfume?  
Let me know down below!

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*Product received within a Vegan Cuts beauty box sent for consideration of review.  All opinions my own based solely on my experience of the product!


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  1. What a shame it didn't quite work for you. I am still searching for a natural fragrance. It seems to be the hardest thing to get right x

    1. Agree, it's so personal! Have you come across any contenders? x


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