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09/10/14: Bin, Gift or Re-purpose?

I really struggle to throw things out.  You never know when I might need that 6cm bit of ribbon, an old stick (yes, really...a stick) or a broken walkman from 1998.  And unfortunately this same approach also applies to my make up and skincare.  

This meant that when I recently rounded up products that I hadn't been using because I either didn't like them/they didn't work I couldn't just snap them quickly for a failed items post and shove them in the bin.  I started to think about what else I could do with them to avoid just chucking them out and realised I might be able to either find a new home for them or repurpose them.  And therefore we have my very first (dramatic pause) Bin, Gift or Repurpose!

Sranrom Calm Down Body Lotion 
This arrived in a Souk Souk box last year, and although I wasn't too keen on it I kept it around as a sample that I might want to try at some point.  It's a scented lotion that does nothing for me and I never reach for it in my stash. It also has potassium sorbate in. BIN

Vita Bella Aloe Moisturising Face Cream 
Another Souk Souk sample, I didn't like this to start with but kept it around as a just in case item.  I   don't enjoy the scent and nothing about it interests me.  I know that lots of people really liked this, so I'm double checked the use by date and unfortunately it's well past the 12 month best before.   BIN

Premae Plush Therapy Hand and Foot Cream
I think I got this one in a Vegan Kind Box.  I'm in danger of developing a theme here, but it's just a product that doesn't interest me.  I think it's the slightly runny cream/lotion thing it's got going on, much like the Vita and Sranrom items.  I'm just not a fan.  However, it's still in its useable period and as it's just a small pot I am going to pass it on to my mother to see what she makes of it.  GIFT

Love the Planet Eyebright Gel
I bought this last year to try to tackle my dark circles (and also partly because of the super cute bottle).  It's an aloe based gel with a very runny consistency and at first it was pleasantly cooling under the eyes.  But then it started to make them sting. :(  I now realise that this was probably due to the potassium sorbate preservative that I've developed issues with but it made me loathe to use it any more.  It's now past its use by date but I've been hanging on... for what, I don't know but possibly because it's super cute.  Although I didn't get on with this item, I do like LTP pads.  BIN (but saving the bottle).

ila Face Mask for Revitalising Skin*
I won this as part of a pack last year from The Beauty Shortlist.  I used up the toner super-quick and the cleanser followed shortly after.  I've used a bit of this mask and sent some to Tania to try out, but it's now dried out a bit and probably past its best as a relaxing soothing face treatment.  I did enjoy this as it was a pre-made no fuss application, although the scent might be a bit strong for some to deal with.  I might try adding a little rosewater and applying to my back (which seems to have flared times) but otherwise it's sayonara sweetie.  REPURPOSE/BIN

So, that's the lot for the moment!  Are any of these items ones that you would keep?  
Would you like to see more of these posts?  Let me know down below!

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  1. I really like the vita bella. That would have been the one I saved x

    1. Ahh, I know a lot of people really liked it - I just couldn't get on with it. Thanks for stopping by :) x

  2. Love the idea of this post, please do more! I've not tried any of these myself but had a similar issue with some of the samples from the SoukSouk boxes - some were just really underwhelming! x

    1. I think from the amount of stuff I've been hoarding I'll definitely be doing more in the future. I agree - it's not possible to like everything in these boxes but I never want to chuck them out...! x

  3. I've not tried any of these so can't comment but I enjoy these types of posts, not everything we buy can be perfect for us so it's good to get a different opinion on all the positive reviews :)

  4. Like this post, great idea! I really like the Vita Bella sample! I got a hand cream in the Sranrom one but its just been sitting in my drawer aha! I forgot to cancel my Souk Souk box so I'm hoping this months will be a goodun' but if not I'll be cancelling before Christmas so I can get through more of my samples xx

    1. Ahh, did it work for your skin? I just don't like lotions I think! I'm still tempted to go back to Souk Souk as there have been some excellent boxes, but with all the samples I still have I can't justify it! x


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