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15/11/14: Ten minutes with... Vicky from Lyonsleaf

Lyonsleaf is a brand that has gone from strength to strength in the last year.  I first spotted them on other green bloggers sites, but only recently tried two samples of their line.  Spoiler! - I enjoyed the Beauty Balm so much that when I ran out that I immediately ordered a full size pot.  They're based in Mendip and run by the Lyons duo: Vicky and Ben. Read on to find out more about Vicky and their business!

Last thing you do at night?
Let the dogs out and clean my teeth (My rock and roll days are gone!)

Top tip for being happy and healthy?
Eat mountains of fruit and veg (vibrantly coloured ones especially), and drink 2 litres of water a day –
I think most of us also need to take omega 3’s and some sort of mineral supplements. I don’t think you can get the minerals you need from supermarket veggies these days, as they are mostly grown in depleted soil, so a lot of people are lacking essentials like magnesium, which, I think, causes all sorts of un-diagnosed ailments. Also, try not to stress (looks at oneself in absolute disbelief at the, pot, kettle, black, nerve of that statement!) and get outdoors, somewhere beautiful as often as possible.

Brands/bloggers/people that inspire you?
Oh there are, thankfully, too many choose from. People that spread information to help us all negotiate the potential minefield of modern life.  From Jamie Oliver (school meals) and definitely Hugh Fearnley-Whittinsgtall, to bloggers like Skinsmatter and Sarah at Sugarpuffish (for their insatiable appetites for iingredient scrutiny), and Ana Goes Green, who in between posts about natural cleansers and body butters occasionally pops out the most profound wisdom and makes me cry – I love that.

Favourite TV series?
I’m not a massive telly addict, but my life is actually a bit empty now Peaky Blinders has finished. Can’t wait for the next series.

Product you wish you'd invented?
The jigsaw puzzle polygon lampshade. (Here is a pic so you know what I mean).  Awesome simplicity.

Favourite skincare item?
I really do only use my own products on my skin apart from Natural Soap. I can recommend Lomand Soap as my favourite brand – we are now selling their soap on our website. I am also loving Avalon Organics shampoos and conditioners.

Favourite cosmetic item?
Mascara, if I am running out the door and don’t have time to put make-up on (often) A bit of mascara just makes all the difference – amazing.

Your guilty pleasure?
Custard Creams

Favourite book?

The Road Less Travelled (M Scott Peck) looks like a really hippy self-help book, but so not! Amazing observations regarding the psychological games people play on each other. It’s absolutely fascinating (in reality TV way) and incredible enlightening in an ‘oh my god that happened to me way’ – should be on the school syllabus.

Also ‘The Alchemist’ Paulo Coelho - A brilliant adventure story to remind you that everything will be alright, even when it feels like insurmountable disaster is upon you.

I also love ‘Clan Of The Cave Bear’ series by Jean M Auel. Another very readable adventure story, but, packed with detailed information about how stone age people survived. Makes you want to live in a cave.

Which product of yours would you recommend to anyone that hasn't tried your range before?
I think the Beauty Balm suits nearly everyone - I even have men that buy it as a shave balm now! It’s a really handy multi-tasker.  It’s probably why I don’t use other peoples products – you don’t really need much else to care for your face (apart from a good stash of flannels).

Why did you start your skincare line?
Two reasons, really. We were selling herbs as a nursery and looking for products to sell all year round. At the same time I developed really sensitive skin (hormone/pregnancy issues) and couldn't use most mainstream products. I had dabbled for a long time making my own skincare for gifts, so I suppose the universe threw some issues at us that really focused our attention on improving my own skincare recipes. 

When we started selling them it quickly became very clear that they sold much better than the plants. We soon stopped the nursery side of things and got on with the business of creating a complete range of 100% natural, effective skincare that is a joy to use (work in progress look out for more products soon!)

Proudest/most exciting moment in your skincare career?
The 2014 Skinsmatter Free From Skincare awards. Gold for Healing Calendula Cream and Silver for our Beauty Balm. The quality of finalists we were up against was so impressive. I hadn't considered we would be competing at that level ever, let alone in such an early stage in our development. It has really spurred us on.

You can find Lyonsleaf here, follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook.

I hope you enjoyed the first in this series - stay tuned for more "Ten minutes with..."!  
Have you tried Lyonsleaf?  Let me know down below :)

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[Photos courtesy of Lyonsleaf]


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  1. Lovely interview. Lyonsleaf first caught my attention in December 2012 when I discovered them whilst researching a blog post. Once I got my hands on their products I knew they could achieve greatness within the green blogger community and beyond. They proved how awesome they are when they won at the FFSA. Oh yes and custard creams I miss those if only there was a vegan version but I'll take a bourbon instead.

    1. If I could be bothered to bake, I'd try to tackle this recipe! Glad you enjoyed :) I'd say proof in the pudding (yum...pudding) - Vicky looks amazing on her products. x

    2. Ooh now I could be tempted to make my own, will bookmark that recipe, thank you x

  2. What a gorgeous interview and I think that has to be the sweetest mention I have ever received, Vicky has an amazing natural talent for what she does, the formulas just work so well and the price point make them affordable, the beauty balm is a favourite, I am on my second pot! :) Xx

    1. It is a delicious balm, and I agree the price makes them very accessible to anyone not sure about oil cleansing :) x

  3. I enjoyed reading your interview so much! I also use the Beauty balm, and it has restored my faith in oil cleansing. Like Sarah said, they really deserve all the success and recognition. I'm going to have a look at Peaky Blinders, I always need new tv shows to watch ;) xx

    1. I have to say, I've not seen it - but lots of people have enjoyed it, so I might have to seek it out. :) That's great that the beauty balm has worked so well for you. Yay! Thanks for the lovely comment x

  4. This is such an awesome interview! Enlightening, inspiring and funny, these guys sound so cool. I still haven't managed to try anything from Lyonsleaf, but everytime I'm on Twitter/Blogger something keeps drawing me back to them.. think the universe is telling me I need to try them out. Asap :) x

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it :) I'm definitely gonna be checking out the book recommendations! Definitely try the beauty balm - it's lovely x


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