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23/11/14: Everyday jewellery + wishlist

Although I'm always on the lookout for new jewellery, and spend forever drooling over various rings and necklaces online, I tend to wear a variation on the same set most days.

Ola Gorie Aikerness Necklet  This was a Christmas present last year, and I love it!  I originally thought it was by Kit Heath, but it turns out that the shop had sold it in a different box after moving and losing its original case.  I only found this out yesterday, but it explains why I could never find it on Kit Heath's website!  A bit naughty of them but I love that it's a little different and also looks a bit like this one that one worn by Mariska Hargitay, who I adore.  

Dyrberg Kern Lucinda Watch  I bought this for myself after falling in lust with the brown version a few years back.  Unfortunately after that one stopped working and I returned it, I could only find the black one for sale.  Sadly at the time I wasn't being conscious of my leather purchases, so the straps aren't ideal.  They are starting to wear, so as soon as they break I'll be replacing them with animal friendly ones. 

Celtic Ring   My dad bought this for me when I was about thirteen, and although I wore it a little bit when I was younger, I have rediscovered it in the last few years and regularly wear it on my middle finger or thumb and sometimes my index.  It was from Past Times, and as you might notice, follows the silver theme we've got going on.  

Cameo Ring  This was gifted to me by my grandmother.  It was given to her by her father when she was younger.  Despite the silver frontage it's actually got a gold loop to the back, making it a bit quirky which I like.  

And finally, on the left we have two silver rings that my brother actually made at school.  I tend to wear the top one more than the bottom one as it has a habit of sticking into my skin.  And on the right is one that I featured back in my March Favourites - a Kit Heath Pebble ring.

I'm currently obsessed with two Etsy shops called Purana Jewellery and Arken's Jewelry Box.  There are several items there that I would love to try, but I haven't yet taken the plunge as I'm a bit nervous about buying made-to-order rings when I'm not confident about what sizes I need/fingers I would want to wear them on!  They both have a tonne of sterling silver rings, Purana made in London and Arken in Los Angeles - so be sure to check them out if you're a silver fan like me.  (They do also do gold ones.) Here's a few that I'm dithering over at the moment.

Do you have any pieces that you wear day in day out? 
Or are you a sterling silver fiend and have any recommendations?
 Let me know! 

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  1. Really cute picks!


    Lovely blog, just found you - wanna follow each other maybe?:)

  2. Most of my jewellery is silver too. Love the necklace. I am very impressed your brother made those rings x

    1. Thanks Karen! :) There was a third one, but I think it got lost... :( I definitely suit silver more than gold. x


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